New Business? How To Make Your Office Safe And Secure!

Starting a new business can be very daunting, between worrying about financing, structuring, licences and accounting, among a thousand other tiny things, so it’s understandable that you want safety and security to be as easy as possible. That’s not to say that it’s unimportant – in fact, it’s quite the opposite – but you want to know that the security measures you take are effective, efficient and simple to implement.

The first thing you have to do, when you learn how to make your office more secure is consider just what kind of business you have. Do you have a business where people will be staying late, perhaps even well into the night? Do you have a business that stores expensive items? Do you have a business that is fully or partially outdoors, or one that has a private parking lot? Considering each of these questions will allow you to take effective steps toward ensuring the safety of your employees and your investments.

The next step is to consider both preventative measures and physical barriers. A preventative measure would be something like a security camera or alarm system. In either case, it can’t stop a thief from stealing, but it can be an effective deterrent. Both of these methods have their pros and cons, and both can be a little expensive if you want the full treatment. For instance, while an alarm system might effectively solve the problem of an unwanted intruder (provided the police respond in time) it doesn’t solve the problem of employees intruding.

A camera system, meanwhile, is ultimately pretty simple to fool. Movie burglars as far back as the early days of cinema figured out that to evade notice, all one has to do is don a mask. That’s why, if you do opt for a camera system or alarm, you need to couple it with some kind of physical barrier. In the modern age of security, this means an ID card system. Using the ID card system, you stop unwanted intruders from entering right away. You can also track who enters by using an ID card, and when they enter, which discourages theft or breaking-and-entering from employees. It’s even possible to restrict access after a certain time.

All three of the above security options working together are the ultimate in office safety, but if you have to start with one, you’re best off implementing an ID card system. It combines the best aspects of the other two in a less expensive system. The other security measure that your office should really take: training. It may sound obvious, but a healthy amount of security training upon intake – such as what to do in emergency situations, or how to keep belongings secure – will greatly improve the overall safety of an office.

There are enough things to worry about when starting up a business, and knowing that office security is comprehensively attended to allows you to turn your attention where it’s sorely needed – in maintaining the integrity and profitability of your newly minted enterprise.

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Melissa Thompson

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