Nintendo Online Hacked Within 24 Hours

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For those following the battle between hackers and Nintendo, it may come as no surprise that one day after its release, the NES Switch Online was hacked. A YouTuber, who goes by the handle DevRiv, uploaded a video of Battletoads Rom and other ROMS. It didn’t seem that hard to do and copycat hackers are also likely to have their way with NES.

Is Nintendo an Easy Target or Should You Be Worried?

Nintendo has faced loads of hacking problems, and no matter they do in terms of banning accounts and bringing lawsuits against ROM sites that post bootlegged games and products, the trend persists.

One way to protect your personal systems from this kind of hacking is using a VPN with robust security and data protection in place. Since VPNs can be a bit pricey, it’s always good to look for VPN discounts and promos online.

Nintendo implemented cloud saves to prevent hacking, but it hasn’t slowed down savvy bad actors much. Hopefully, the company can find a solution to the hacking vulnerability of their software without sacrificing the ease of installation and ease that gamers currently enjoy. Let’s take a look at how choosing the right VPN can help individuals and organization protect their information.

Why a VPN is Essential for Security and Data Integrity

Internet giants like Google and Facebook are able to offer customers free services because they collect and use customer data to manipulate ads placement and predictive AI. These companies track user activities and store data about where consumers live, work and shop. If someone accesses the internet via an unsecured connection, such as a public Wi-Fi network, they are immediately vulnerable to hackers. Hackers access devices that connect to these unsecured networks and gather ingoing and outgoing data.

A virtual private network (VPN) provides a solution to the need for data security. VPN technology was conceived to protect large corporations when employees accessed their systems from outside the workplace. After the first hackers figured out a way to take advantage of this to steal corporate secrets, the VPN arose as a solution that applied encryption algorithms to protect individuals and organizations.

Nintendo may still struggle to fend off hackers, but users can proactively protect themselves while gaming, working or surfing the internet. Secure data and privacy protection don’t have to cost you a ton of money. Check out online deals that protect your information without breaking the bank.

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