Quantified Commerce On Best Trends To Redefine the Future of E-commerce

Quantified Commerce says predicting the future in any industry is tough, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to look forward and see how they might gain an edge. E-commerce has changed a lot over the years, and it is constantly going through changes on a year-to-year basis.

As we look towards the end of 2019, some trends are forming, and they will play a huge role going forward. Quantified Commerce, a company heavily invested in e-commerce, breaks it down with three trends to keep an eye on. To be successful in e-commerce, keeping up with the trends is a must at all times.

Search engine optimization matters

It’s gone through a lot of changes over the years, but people in e-commerce have noticed that search engine optimization matters more than ever these days. Focusing on specific types of SEO is going to help each company reach the level they want to be at.

Why is SEO so important? Customers are becoming a lot savvier on sponsored results, advertisements and more. SEO is the most natural way to have a presence in any industry. It’s a lot of hard work to compete for lucrative keywords, but it’s still one of the best ways for the best to rise to the top.

The middleman continues to lose value

Customers are very connected these days, and competition is fierce as well. For centuries, the middleman could get their part of the pie while not doing all that much. This meant higher prices for customers, because the original company was certainly not going to take less.

In the e-commerce world, customers want to buy directly to save them money and get a product they can trust. Why go through a traditional middleman? That not only relates to consumers, but business owners trying to raise capital.

Crowdfunding is a perfect example of this. Instead of using middleman, a person with an idea can raise capital just by reaching out to potential backers. Middlemen aren’t eliminated just yet, but they are losing value.

Brand recognition and reputation means everything

Somewhat related to SEO, brand recognition is important in the industry more than ever. There is a lot of competition out there, and it drives anyone in e-commerce to be their best. However, a lot of competition tends to hang around near the bottom, which makes customers skeptical to try something with little to no reviews.

That’s why brand reputation also is extremely important. What are the first things any person does when buying a new product online is look up customer reviews, articles and more to see what they can find. If just one thing in the results makes a person pause, they are much less likely to take a chance on a new product.

Focus on making sure the brand has a positive reputation. This means providing a great product, delivering on promises, marketing the right way and more. It doesn’t take much to make an impact and dictate the reputation of a company online.

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