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There are many reasons that you might choose to hire a custom writing service to complete a writing project for you. Students choose custom writing to help them learn the right way to write a college essay. Businesses choose custom writing to produce manuals, letters, or even marketing material when they don’t have an in-house writer. Individuals might choose custom writing for help with speeches, letters, and many other types of everyday communication. But how do you know which custom writing service is right for you?

After we reviewed more than a dozen custom writing services, our experts determined that there is one clear choice: offers a superior writing product with an exceptional value.

What Makes It Different from Other Services? seems at first glance like many other custom writing services. Its homepage is competent but not flashy or particularly memorable. It offers a website and a phone number where customers can place an order for the type of writing they need and provide the list of requirements and specifications that they need for their order. But once a customer goes to place an order, the difference between and other services starts to become clear. Trusted Custom Writing Service since 2008 1

Responsive Customer Care Support

We found that this writing service provided superior customer service from knowledgeable customer service agents. Our test customer received full support throughout the ordering process and had questions answered in a timely manner, even questions about who would be writing our test order. The service assured us that our paper would be matched to an expert writer who holds an advanced degree in the field. We wondered if that was common, and it turns out that having an advanced degree is a prerequisite for working at That means that the service has one of the most educated writing teams in the industry. Trusted Custom Writing Service since 2008 2

A Huge Team of Experienced Writers

But we know that educated people aren’t necessarily the best writers. Fortunately, the team at were able to help on that score, too. It turns out that they test every writer to ensure that they have top-quality English writing skills before they can work for the company. Each writer has to be able to prove that they are a native speaker of the English language and live in a country where English is the official or customary language-meaning America, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. This ensures that you’ll never have a situation where someone in a third world country who learned English online is trying to cut and paste a paper for you. Trusted Custom Writing Service since 2008 3

Up-to-Date Plagiarism Detection Software

This brings us to another important point of comparison. The custom writing industry is full of poor quality papers that are largely cut and pasted from other papers, websites, or articles. We wanted to know how we could be sure that the paper we ordered wasn’t going to be plagiarized like so many bad online essays. We learned that the service uses plagiarism detection software to check every paper for plagiarism. This means that customers can rest assured that their papers will always be original. Trusted Custom Writing Service since 2008 4

Top-Quality Matters for

It’s great to see that a writing service has such a dedication to quality. But the bigger question remains: Are they affordable, and do you get value for your money? On this account, our evaluation is that the service offers competitive pricing, but the slightly higher than rock bottom pricing is worth the extra few pennies per page to ensure exceptional quality. is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive service out there. Rock-bottom services tend to offer poor quality, but high-priced services often pack on useless extras to justify the price. seems to find a good balance between low prices and high quality to keep customers happy on both ends of the quality/price spectrum. Our advice is to avoid the absolute cheapest services since you get what you pay for. Investing slightly more now can produce much better results when it’s time to make use of your custom written document. After all, you don’t want to try to skimp on quality. Writers are working for a living, and they need money to do that. The less you pay for a paper, the less a writer makes, so if a paper costs too little, only third world writers and those with no her options would end up writing the papers. That’s why charges a competitive price to pay its writers appropriately.

Overall, is a great value for the money, with strong customer support, a dedicated writing team, and a track record of excellence.

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