SMS Marketing Engagement with Loyal Customers

SMS marketing is one of the most successful channels for engaging with current customers and building brand loyalty. Since marketers require an opt-in for sending SMS messages, permission is already granted before the first message is sent. Smartphone usage has been steadily increasing since inception, with usage spanning the age demographics along with high levels of dependence among younger users. For these reasons and more, SMS is highly effective for building brand loyalty with repeat customers.

Marketing with SMS

Once a customer has opted into the SMS system, brands can send a wide variety of messages to determine which type results in the highest success. It is easy to embed a barcode or simple alpha-numeric code to track responses to individual marketing campaigns. Messages can range in topic including discounts, coupons, time-sensitive promotions or new features. By rewarding customers with a free or discounted product or service when they respond to the message, tracking can offer realistic metrics of campaign effectiveness.

Cellular Phone User Behavior

Another reason that SMS marketing is so effective is because cell phone users keep their phones easily accessible 24/7. That doesn’t mean that messaging someone 24 hours is a good idea. It’s better not to wake people up or make them angry with an SMS campaign. Instead, sending messages during standard operating hours is a better choice. Customers will then appreciate getting the message without irritation due to bad timing. According to Pew Research Center, text messaging is the most frequently used smartphone feature. Using SMS marketing will build on that preference giving brands an opportunity to connect and engage with customers.

The Most Effective SMS Campaigns

It’s impossible to say which type of campaign is the best for building brand loyalty with customers. Success rates range depending on the industry involved, whether it is a B2C or B2B business, and the demographics of personas involved. It’s best to run tests before jumping in to a brand new SMS marketing campaign to determine which type of message will offer the highest ROI. SMS allows for list segmentation giving brands the ability to send a different message to each segment. Tailoring messages to each persona is a best practice that can be applied to SMS marketing as well as cross-channel marketing.

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