Some Ideas to Start a Side Hustle

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In this day and age there are many people that are looking for a quick way to make a few bucks on the side. This article goes over some ideas to start a side hustle.

Become a Flipper

One option is to become a “flipper.” What’s a flipper? It’s someone who finds products at low prices or free and then turns around and flips them for a higher price somewhere else.

Where do you get these products? Well, there are many different options. Did you know there is a FREE section on Craigslist? The fact that you are able to start this up completely free proves that you can do with literally zero startup cash.

Let’s say you happen to have some startup cash. Then you can get up early on Saturday morning and hit the yard sales and garage sales. You can find some incredible deals out there. The earlier you get up, the better your chances are.

Alright, now you have some inventory, where the heck are you going to sell it? You have loads of options. Facebook Marketplace is the quickest and easiest way to get quick cash. Other options include eBay and apps such as OfferUp. If you are ready to get this rolling, check out this awesome guide from Gary Vaynerchuk on flipping.

Start a Business

This one takes a good bit of ambition. Right now you might be thinking, “I want to start a side hustle, not a business. Well, believe it or not there are some business ventures that take very little startup money and can get money rolling in right away.

Start a cleaning business. If you have zero money, people will let you clean with their supplies, just give them a better rate. You can charge $15 to $20 an hour easily to clean houses. That’s to start. Once you get comfortable doing it you can bump that up to even more. If you ask family and friends and create a Facebook status you are almost certain to have clients start rolling in.

If you’re looking for something outdoors, you can start a lawn care business. In some regions this can be done year-round. In others it is seasonal. Either way there is at least part of the year where there is a great opportunity to make money cutting grass. Even in cold winters there is an option to shovel snow and put up Christmas lights. If this is something you are looking for, check out this article on how to start a lawn care business.

Real estate is the ultimate side hustle. It’s almost ideal for it to start out as a side hustle, due to no guaranteed money coming in. It takes a lot of work but over time this is something that can be built into a six figure income. No one said it would be easy, but if it’s something you love and are passionate about, it’s definitely worth a look.

That said, most real estate agents fail. Check out this article on why real estate agents fail.

Affiliate Marketing

What if you were able to go online and sell stuff that isn’t even yours and make commission to do so? That’s exactly what affiliate marketing is. For instance, you can sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account and get paid 4%+ to sell their products with your own “affiliate links.” You can promote them on Facebook or on your websites. Basically anywhere you want, as long as you follow their terms and conditions.

If affiliate marketing is something you would like to learn more about, click here.

What Are You Waiting For?

You have some fresh ideas on how to make money. Get out there and make it happen. The only way to succeed with any of these methods is get out there and put in the work.

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