Taking Care of Business in Silicon Valley

San Jose is an incredible city for business travelers to experience. But don’t expect to see everything at once the moment you get here. Your business trip will be packed with business meetings, conventions, and events. But it’s important to make room for some downtime. You want to make the most out of your trip as much as possible, including activities and side trips. This guide will help you plan a successful business trip to San Jose.

Lodging for Business Travelers to San Jose

When searching for great hotel rates and vacation packages, search by neighborhood rather than searching the entire city. Some of the best neighborhoods for business travelers are near the Moscone Convention Center or Silicon Valley. There are plenty of Silicon Valley hotels that provide ample accommodations for business travelers. The Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley has everything you need for your stay. It comes with business services, free internet, free parking, and meeting facilities. You can also focus on your workout regimen at the fitness center or the outdoor swimming pool.

Transportation for Business Travelers to San Jose

Once you know where you’re going to stay, it’s time to book your airport and corporate transfer. You should book with transportation services, so they’re aware of your business needs. They can work with you throughout the duration of your business trip. Instead of opting for public transportation, it’s time to look into an affordable limousine service.

When you book a limousine or shuttle, you will save on parking fees and other travel-related expenses such as car rental and insurance. The great thing about transportation services is that you don’t have to worry about traffic. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Don’t forget to wear your best suit to meet that potential client.

Dining Options in San Jose

San Jose is home to some of the finest dining options in the United States. You’ll want to take the opportunity to wine and dine, especially if your company is paying for it. You can save money by eating at restaurant chains and small eateries for the duration of your trip. San Jose has a thriving food truck industry that is always situated near businesses and convention centers.

Most of these restaurants are within walking distance of San Jose’s convention centers, the Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley hotel, and the primary business district. One restaurant to check out while in San Jose is Rok Steakhouse & Grill. You can get a steak sizzled on a 700-degree volcanic rock, a savory burger or order a craft beer while you watch your favorite sports team on a nearby TV. If you are being in the mood for pizza, head over to Premier Pizza for a fun and festive atmosphere with a laid-back ambiance that is just around the corner from The Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley.

Choosing a Date for Business Travel to San Jose

Now it’s time to choose the right date for your business trip. You can’t always control when an upcoming convention, event, or business meeting is scheduled to happen. If you’re meeting a potential client, schedule your trip in between September and November. This is when you’ll experience the best of San Jose’s weather since it’s warm and sunny during this time. You’ll also miss out on the summer tourists as well as the holiday traffic from the busy holiday shopping season If you can, avoid flying out on a Monday since major airports are the busiest on this day.

Packing for Business Travel to San Jose

San Jose has unpredictable weather just like any other place in the U.S. You’ll have to worry about impending fog, high winds, rain, and other factors that could hinder your trip. Some days are uncomfortably warm while others are cool. If you’re spending most of your time downtown and near the water, then you might need a light jacket. Pack lighter clothing so you can layer without getting overheated. It’s also wise to pack a few canvas shopping bags in your luggage, this way if you need to remove those layers in between trips, you have a place to store them.

Planning for Entertainment & Activities in San Jose

Hopefully, you’ll have time to take a tour of San Jose. If you stay in Silicon Valley, then you need to check out some of the incredible businesses and startups that the area is known for being the headquarters for Paypal, Adobe and eBay. Or, you can take a break at Golden Gate Park and get a bite to eat at Pier 39. Schedule activities and side trips the moment when you book your airport and corporate transportation with the limousine company. Check out California’s Great Adventure and enjoy 100 acres of fun at this theme park that also includes a waterpark and outdoor concerts. Head over to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden and enjoy rolling green hills and more than 3, 500 plants of 135 featured varieties of plants and flowers.

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