The Big Leap: How to Make a Career Shift with Great Success

There are several reasons people consider a career shift. Their objectives in life may have changed, which means a career change is fundamental. Some consider a career that aligns better with their passion.

Regardless of the motive for a career shift, there are some challenges to overcome when deciding to pursue a career in a new field. Before making that big leap, take a closer look at the tips and insights discussed in this article.

Understand Career Shift Issues

Before jumping the gun and quitting a current job, take a step back and do a thorough evaluation of your current responsibilities. At the very least, understand the current job, how you feel about it, and whether that feeling affects day-to-day performance.

Starting a journal is highly recommended. Write down all the different tasks undertaken in the job. Don’t hesitate to add both positive and negative situations. After collecting information on a day-to-day basis, patterns may appear, and there could be recurring incidents.

At this point, understanding whether the desire to switch jobs is driven by problems in the position is much easier to do. You already know the potential issues and the things faced every day, so figuring out strengths – the abilities that will support you in your new career – is also very easy to do.

Career Shift - the big leap. Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay
Career Shift. Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Dip Your Toe

As mentioned before, don’t quit the job immediately after making the decision to pursue a career in another field. Rather than going the abrupt route, it is actually much better to keep the transition to the new career as smooth as possible.

For starters, don’t impose a time limit to make the change; quitting a current job before securing a new position, will end up creating a rushed feeling and the dream job may not be offered immediately.

Having a smooth transition also means there is more time to learn more about the new career. There will be time to find out how much you should be earning with Hired’s salary calculator and dig deeper about the job description of the desired position.

Time for an Upgrade

Here’s another advantage of transitioning to a new career in a smooth way – pick up new skills and prepare better for the new job. Short courses to fully-featured college programmes can be found online, so there is no reason not to upgrade skills – before making a big leap to pursue a new career.

Learn about the skills considered most valuable in the new industry and try to master them before applying for a new job in the field. The improved you is more likely to succeed in the new career. Besides, the new skills are great additions to an already impressive CV.

With these tips in mind, prepare for the big career shift in advance. Take a step back, understand the situation, and move two steps forward by improving skills before entering a new field.

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