The Importance of High Quality Translation Services for International Businesses

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Up to two-thirds of the revenue that come in to international businesses come from foreign markets. In order to be this successful, there are certain things that entrepreneurs who do business on a global scale should keep in mind. Along with understanding the need to have lawyers and accountants to help with international transactions, business owners should also realize there are some countries they simply shouldn’t do business with. This is because some countries, including Venezuela and Somalia are known to have corrupt business practices.

One more thing every international business person should keep in mind is the importance of hiring professional translating services. Here are some reasons this is crucial for every entrepreneur that wants to succeed on a global scale.

Some Companies Refuse to Give Up Their Native Language

Despite the fact that English is one of the most spoken language in the world, some companies in certain countries choose not to give up their native language, even if it is for the purpose of doing business. This is especially true of countries like China and the Arab states. Their language is so important to them that by not speaking it, they feel they are betraying their culture.

Because of cultural barriers like this, communicating in English might not be an option. Besides Chinese and Arabic, other native languages that are becoming more commonly spoken in the business world include Spanish, Bengali, Russian, and Japanese.

It’s Difficult to Understanding Contracts and Marketing Collaterals in Foreign Languages

For some business owners, understanding all the business rules and regulations can be hard enough when they are stated in their native language. It can be all the more difficult when rules, laws, contracts, and other complicated legal matters are said or written in a foreign language.

Along with translating important legal documents, translators can also assist with marketing collaterals, such as websites, product manuals, and e-mails, which are all a big part of international business.

Phrases and Slogans Can Lose Their Figurative Meaning

Saying certain phrases so that it is understood in another language can be difficult. Misunderstanding a slogan happens all the time in different cultures and it’s usually due to the fact that the translation causes the phrase to lose its figurative meaning. One example of this is the popular slogan of the American Dairy Association, “Got Milk?” In Spanish, this slogan translated to, “Are you lactating?”

When doing business with people of other cultures, high quality translation services can go a long way in making sure slogans maintain their figurative meanings, which helps prevent accidental offenses.

Here are some more examples of phrases and slogans losing their figurative meaning:

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