The Most Lucrative Business Skills You Can Learn Online

Everyone wants to run their own start-up and make money. But, when it comes to doing the hard part, they back down. The hard part involves knowing the ins and outs of your business processes, and having sizable control over your start-up during the initial days.

To do the hard part mentioned above, people have to acquire certain skills that can aid them in their business. The most common excuses that are put up by individuals here are:

  • I don’t know how to learn this skill
  • I don’t have the time and money to acquire a new skill right now

After having heard this excuse a gazillion times, we have finally come up with a blog post about the most lucrative business skills you can acquire online for free.


From building custom plugins to developing a mobile app, coding is considered an important component of every business. The trends might have changed, but coding is still as useful as it was back in the day, and isn’t going away anytime soon.

All you need to know is shut down Netflix for a week, and head over to Codeacademy. They have many resources available to help people with their coding endeavors.

Graphic Designing

Now, while the message you’re giving matters more than the design behind it, people nowadays still prefer aesthetics and beauty over other factors. So, in a bid to grab that attention and give them what they want, you would have to learn a tad bit of graphic designing.

The entire learning process for designing graphics is centered on understanding the designing tools and working on them accordingly. Those who are new to this area can head over to Canva and enjoy the thousands of free templates they have. It just takes an hour for you to get a hang of things there, after which you’d be designing graphics for your business.

SEO and Data Analytics

All entrepreneurs with an online presence for their business would like to master the art of search engine optimization (SEO) and data analytics. For beginners, SEO really does boil down to attracting more and more people to your website by redirecting traffic from your social media handles and through search engines to your website.

Now, beginners might have a hard time comprehending where traffic is coming from, and how they can handle it. Which is why the free Analytics course by Google that we are about to mention is a resource that you’d find extremely useful. Just click here and let Google define SEO and analytics to you.

Website Creation

Having delved on the importance of all other skills, we’ll now get to the most important skill of the lot. Your time as a business owner would obviously include the creation of a website for an online presence.

While creating a website has numerous steps, you will find this particular website building guide helpful. It defines the three major steps and breaks them down for easy inference.

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