This Prenuptial Home Makes Divorces Easier

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Most married couples arent too fond of the idea of signing a prenuptial agreement. Doing so is like expecting the marriage to fail. Drawing up a prenuptial contract is simple, but getting your significant other to sign it is another problem altogether. However, this is a wise institution for many marriages, particularly when there are a lot of assets in the mix.

To help ease this common problem for marriages, Studio OBA has designed a floating home with an odd trait: It splits into two homes in the event that a couple divorces. If a coupled decides that its time to end a marriage, all they have to do is flip a proverbial switch. This effectively eliminates the argument about who gets the house after a divorce.

The entire design was developed by Dutch entrepreneur Omar Kbiri who had the idea while he was shopping for a new home with his girlfriend. Because of the unfortunate divorce statistics, he couldnt help but think about how rising divorce rates factored into the equation. He thought about how he could design a home that would split as evenly as a divorce does.

With the increasing number of divorces each year, our concept is ? regrettably ? becoming more and more relevant, Kbiri told the Daily Mail. I especially like that we can stabilize the home front during an otherwise very hectic time. With this concept, you namely dont need to relocate after a breakup.

It works because the structure is basically floating on its foundation so that its easy to split into two. The Prenuptial Housing unit is made of two separate prefabricated structures that are fit together to fill the breach. By disengaging the connection mechanism, the house will split apart, shifting aside so that it creates two separate units. The details of how this will work arent clear as of now, but there will be more details in the future.

The units should disconnect without much effort. Though, this is part of the design that is still under development, Kbiri continued before elaborating more on the overall design of the home. The units are initially prefabricated as independent carbon fiber units for which we designed a simple solid connecting system; detaching this system means unlocking the connection and requires no unique tools.

The divorcees will live next door to each other, but at least they wont be under the same roof. Buying one of these homes will certainly be a gloomy outlook on marriage, perhaps even more gloomy than signing a prenuptial agreement, but it would certainly be a lot easier than splitting possessions in a court proceeding.

But then again, there is a kind of romance involved. If divorced life doesnt seem to suit the couple, the units can be reconnected and the romance rekindled.

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