Three careers for highly organized people

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Certain jobs are almost tailor-made for certain personality types. To be successful in Public relations you need to be a very different type of person to the one who makes it big as an accountant. Or to be a journalist you need to be very different from the pilot. And as much as you might fancy a career in an infield, it is important, before you start studying and making it your life’s mission to achieve in a certain field, you need to do an honest personality assessment to see what types of roles are best suited to who you are. If you can marry your career aspirations with your key personality traits, then you are already well on the way to success. With that in mind, here are a few ideas of jobs for people who consider themselves highly organised.

Marrying moving parts

It is not something that people talk about very often, but logistics is a very complicated field and one that requires a huge amount of focus and attention to detail. In short, a person in this field co-ordinates a lot of independently moving parts. They run distribution centres for instance – making sure that valuable assets spend the minimum amount of time possible in non-earning environments. To enter this field, at the very least, you will probably need a diploma of logistics as a qualification. But this is also a role that many people with aptitude move into having come into the industry via some other channel.

Project managing

Very similar to the above but more people orientated, the project manager is responsible for delivering on specific projects. These could be in the building and construction space, they could be in the IT design and development space or they could be co-ordinating and putting together events. A wedding planner or a conference organiser are types of project managers. The point is that these people deal with a load of players from across a broad spectrum of skills and professions. The PM is the fulcrum that brings them all together to make sure that the project can be delivered on time, on budget and according to specification.

Air traffic control

This is one of the most high-pressure jobs anywhere in the world. Sitting in the control tower at an airport and controlling the movements of hundreds of airplanes at a time. The lives of thousands of people are in the controller’s hands and there is absolutely no room for error. The air traffic controller decides who must land and take off and when. Who is cleared for what altitude and how close planes are to each other. It is gruelling work and it requires the ability focus relentless for long periods while also being extremely systematic and organised at the same time. The nice thing about this job is that it only requires focus and organisation for the duration of the shift. Mercifully, when the shift is done somebody else takes over and you can relax.

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