Tips to Keep Your Sales Team Fired up and Ready to Sell

One of the biggest problems many companies face is keeping their sales team fired up and ready to sell, that is to say, motivated. Yes, those commissions are nice but it seems like after a while on the job it becomes almost tedious to say the same things over and over to every customer that comes in the door or contacts you via a chat app. There are some things you can do to keep your team on their toes, full of energy and ready to close that deal.

Here are a few you might like to try, thanks to Sales Acceleration company,

1. Emphasize the Need to Stay Rested and Healthy

There is nothing worse than a salesperson who is, for all intents and purposes, asleep on his or her feet. A customer comes in the door, the bell jingles and your staff member wanders over in a fog asking if they can be of assistance. Wrong! A big smile, a bright and cheery greeting and some energy behind it really helps. From time to time talk to your team about the need for adequate rest, vital nutrients such as organic sulfur and plenty of water to keep their body flushed of toxins that are keeping them sluggish.

2. Keep Them Excited about the Brand and Its Products

Another area where sales teams seem to get sluggish over time is keeping the excitement high about your brand and products. It’s easy to see how this can happen because to them it is just old hat. Depending upon what you sell, why not have contests with the top prize being one of your products each month? Whoever sells the most of that item gets one for free. Their excitement to win that item will flow over into their enthusiasm on the sales floor. They will surely want to talk about the benefits of owning one and nothing is more effective than a fired up salesperson who believes in what they are saying!

3. Ongoing Training Is a Must

When training your staff, it is crucial to keep tabs on how they are doing along the way. Ongoing training is a must. However, the outmoded and boring sales seminars are proven not to be effective. You should be training down a two way street. Get feedback from your team. What is working and what isn’t? Why are they having the problems they are having selling a product you know is better than anything like it out there on the market? Their feedback can tell you so much more about what is going wrong in their ‘pitch’ than all the analytics and metrics money can buy.

4. A Little Bit of Competition and a Whole Lot of Camaraderie

Finally, when it comes to those competitions and in-house promotions you are running, it is vital to boost team spirit. Yes, competition is good and some people thrive on it, but one person a company cannot make. Team effort is key so foster a culture of working together. When one employee helps another out this month, that employee will want to ‘pay it forward’ the next. Regular get-togethers and team lunches do wonders for promoting a culture of like-mindedness. Do what you can to keep teams on the same page while helping them learn to enjoy each other’s company. While you can’t approach life in a utopian mindset, you can help them find things about each other that they appreciate. This is a vital step in training a sales staff to work like a team.

Your company is only going to be as successful as your sales team so make sure to keep this in focus as you work towards building an ever-bigger market share and boosting that almighty bottom line. With a well-trained, focused, excited and team-oriented sales staff the sky is the limit.

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