Tips for Making Video Content That is More Engaging

Tips for Making Video Content That is More Engaging 1Whenever you create any video content, it is important that you try to ensure it will be as engaging as possible. To put it simply videos that are engaging are bound to be more effective of fulfilling their goal – regardless of what it may be.

While at first it may seem difficult to make video content that is more engaging, with a few simple tips you could actually do just that:

  • Always remember to show, not tell

Generally videos are more engaging than any other type of content, and that is due to the fact that they are a unique type of visual content. If you want your videos to be more engaging you need to take advantage of the potential videos have, and always try to ‘show’ your message and the points that you’re putting across rather than just ‘telling’ viewers about it.

  • Keep it short, sweet, and to the point

One key trait of engaging videos is that they are able to retain more viewers. To do that you should try to create videos that are short, direct, and get straight to the point.

The shorter your video the more likely it is to retain viewers. Additionally it is important your video gets to the point and gives viewers a reason to keep watching, otherwise it will lose lots of viewers in the first 10 seconds alone.

  • Add subtitles to videos

As more and more viewers seem to be watching videos that are muted, you should make it a point to add subtitles to all of your videos. By providing subtitles you stand a better chance of engaging viewers who are watching without audio, which should help boost your engagement levels.

  • Play on emotions

Try to create videos that cause your viewers to feel something – whether it is joy, shock, inspired, or anything else. The more intense of an emotion you’re able to provoke in your viewers, the more engaged they’ll be. Odds are you may have observed this in the past, as it is the reason why funny videos attract so many comments, shares, and other reactions.

Remember that engaging videos don’t necessarily need to be expensive or difficult to create – that’s just a common misconception. For a video to be engaging it needs to be able to interest viewers and then keep them interested enough that they react to it. Even a simple video can be engaging, so long as you follow the tips listed above.One way to start creating engaging videos easily is by using Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It will let you record screen on Windows 10 and capture footage from other sources, then compile it all using its built-in editor. The features that it provides will let you trim out unwanted parts, add background music, insert subtitles, apply effects, and much more. In short you should have everything you need to come up with interesting and impressive looking videos that are able to engage your viewers.

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