Tips On Growing Your Business With The Dream 100 Method

Entrepreneurs in all niches of business want to grow their business in an efficient way. The trouble with growing for some businesses is that it can impact the quality of work negatively or even make a product or service more expensive. This is due to overhead costs impacting profit margins thus making prices increase if the company wants to keep the same margins. All businesses have clients that they would love to work with moving forward but rarely create advanced strategies to do so. The Dream 100 are clients that would surely impact the trajectory of the business in a positive way. The following are ways and tips to apply the Dream 100 method to grow a business in a scalable a stable way.

Evaluate What You Want In An Ideal Client

For some business like that of marketing an ideal client has a large budget and a clear vision of what they want. Then this client allows a business to take creative liberties and create a strategy. Great clients are communicators as well as communication is key in any business relationship. Most companies will be able to tell what type of client a sales prospect will be depending on how they interact during the sales process. Identify those clients that the business wants to increase sales with as well as those potential customers that are a dream thus far to work with. Creating the list of sales prospects is important as creating a strategy or reaching out to contacts that work for a company needs to be carefully planned out. A terrible first pitch or outreach email can lead a potential client to mark the email address as spam.

Understand Only A Small Percentage Of The Market Is Ready To Buy NOW

Keeping a sales funnel is important as not all prospects are ready to buy now but are going to buy in the future. Sending out newsletters as well as wishing happy holidays to a client can be enough to stay present in their mind when it is time to buy. A healthy amount of prospects that are willing to buy later can help a salesperson build rapport during the time leading up to the conversion in a sale.

Being told no to a contract at one point doesn’t mean the company should put this prospect outside of the sales funnel considered as a dead lead. Keep sales teams aware of this fact as it can be quite easy to get discouraged after multiple times of being told no during a sales call by a single prospect. The most rewarding sales closed are the ones that were elusive and this is a staple of top performers in sales.

Never Stop Following Up With Prospects That Have Not Bought

Those prospects that are on a company’s Dream 100 list need to constantly be followed up with until they give an emphatic answer of “No!” or the prospect signs on as a client. There are no other reasons to stop following up short of the prospect dying or the company going out of business. There are plenty of tools that can help automatically follow up with you writing custom emails at once that will be sent if there is no response. Getting a client on a call or in a meeting is the goal of these emails so a salesperson has the chance to pitch the prospect again.

Perfect Sales Scripts … ..Data Can Help

The perfect sales script can help convert in far more sales than allowing the sales team to create the own scripts. Luckily in today’s business landscape there are plenty of tools to use that can track how a certain pitch or script works when compared to others. Multiple scripts depending on what product or service a prospect is interested in is also important. The last thing any salesperson wants to do is go over products and services the prospect is not interested in. It is a waste of time and can give the prospect the feeling of the pitched being generic rather than custom. Data does not lie so there is a chance one script works better for a specific salesperson than another. Do not limit the salesperson to the pitch they do not convert with as well as this will only limit overall sales.

Technology Can Help Create Relevant Sales List Easily

Creating relevant list is as easy as doing a simple Google search as most business try to have contact information listed as conveniently as possible for those searching. The creation of Dream 100 lists can be done quarterly or even monthly as targeting new great prospects needs to be done to keep the sales funnel healthy. Tracking things like the last time a client was followed up with is far easier using the cloud as editing a document can be done by the entire sales team at the same time. Sorting prospects by interest can also be a more efficient way to close sales as those that are slightly interested need to be convinced far more than the very interested prospects.

For a divorce lawyer, the contact page is going to be immensely important. Following up with these prospects can help attain clients but the lawyer has to be an expert like the one at as online reviews will allow a prospect to see what type of job the law firm did for them.

Understand Clients Will Look Up The Company And Its Reputation After Being Pitched

Online reviews need to be managed by the marketing team as this is where many people check out a company trying to sell them on a service or product. Consumers are far more educated than in the past as many people write in-depth reviews can inform consumers what to expect. As a company it is important to respond to every review both negative and positive. Failure to respond can look like lack of care about customer experience or happiness.

The Dream 100 is a great list to put together as it can help the company have a solid strategy in terms of sales. A sales team simply told to sell might not be as efficient as a team that is given prospects with content information to target.

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