Tricks to Try Rather Than Learn How to Buy Views on YouTube

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Studies and reviews show that thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. With so much amount of video content, it’s easier for the video to be lost in a crowd and gain no viewers enticed to watch it at all. Rather than learn how to buy views on YouTube, you can utilize a number of tricks that can increase the number of people watching your video. It will surely save time, effort and money, and you’re guaranteed that more people are interested to watch it.

  • Make Use of SEO

Certainly, you can apply search engine optimization or SEO if you have a written content. But you can also use SEO for your videos. What you can do is to start researching for a keyword that people can possibly use in searching for a content related to your niche.

Finding the best keyword phrase to fit your niche is now possible, especially with the availability of various tools you can use on the Net. If you don’t want to spend money for keyword research, you can utilize Google Keyword Planner. This tool is noted to be efficient for your search, and it’s absolutely free.

The best way to find the right keywords is to use long tail keywords or keyword phrases. If you have identified the keywords to use, you can insert them in the title, tags and description of a video.

  • Be Time Sensitive

Is there a topic in your niche that people want to talk about? Then why not create a YouTube video and help people know more about it. For instance, people are talking about Dengue Fever. You can create health videos that are high-quality and informative about Dengue Fever and have it uploaded on YouTube.

The video may not receive the expected amount of views from people, and they may stop talking about it. To increase the number of viewers watching it, why not learn how to buy views on YouTube. Although this step is not recommended, but the figures presented can entice people to get interested in the video and watch it. This then will achieve some results, especially when you’re doing business.

  • String Your Videos

In YouTube, when you learn that an influencer has done a good video, you will try to find another video made by the same person. This is something that most YouTube users do when they like what they see. So, you can take advantage of this pattern and string some videos together so that when your viewers finish watching any of your videos, they can move on to the next playlist automatically. It’s one way to have your poorly watched videos get more views.

  • Improve Your Google+ Presence

Google+ profile works hand in hand with YouTube. Everything here works together. So, to have higher chances of your videos being watched by more users, be active on Google+. You can also add more people to your circle, follow various pages and do more interaction.

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