Uncommon Workplace Accidents: Tips For Avoiding Them

Some of the most common workplace injuries that require days missed from work include those that are related to overexertion, slips, trips, and falls, and contact with objects or equipment.

According to the National Safety Council, construction and manufacturing are some of the most common industries to report a work-related accident, but any industry can be risky, and all employees may be injured while on the job. Here are some lesser known work-related incidents that can force an employee to miss days from work and a few tips to avoid them from happening.

Dog Bites

If you are a delivery person for a company or even if you visit clients in their homes, a dog bit is an uncommon (but serious) injury that could force you to miss days from work. Dogs can be unpredictable, and while the majority of them that you may encounter are friendly, some may decide to attack without warning.

Dog bites can be severe, requiring immediate medical care and in some cases, dog bite victims also seek counseling for long-term psychological effects. The best way to avoid being bitten by a dog is to always ask the owner for consent to pet the dog before you do. Always try to stay calm and be careful around strange dogs.

Slipping and Falling

Although slip and fall accidents are common in certain industries, there are some occupations where they are less likely, such as in food service. If you work in a restaurant setting, you are at risk of a slip and fall accident if you slip in a puddle of water by the sink or trip and fall while carrying a tray of dishes.

Slip and fall accidents even take place outside of the workplace (but still on your employer’s property). Some instances include going on a walk outside during your lunch break or slipping on a patch of ice outside of the entrance.

Many slip and fall accidents result in bruises, scrapes, and a lot of embarrassment, but they can also result in fractures or even traumatic brain injuries.

The best way to avoid an “uncommon” slip and fall accident is to wear proper footwear, always be aware of your surroundings, and report or clean up any spills immediately.

Cold, Flu, and Dirty Work Environments

Nearly every employer struggles with employees missing days of work during cold and flu season, especially in small spaces like offices or call centers. Sometimes the cold and flu is more prevalent in workplaces that are dirty or where a janitorial staff is not available on a regular basis.

The best way to avoid the getting sick from a dirty work environment or during cold and flu season is to stay home if you are sick, keep your workspace (such as a desk) clean, and practice preventive measures like hand washing or using hand sanitizer.

Vision and Hearing Loss

If you work in a manufacturing sector or in other types of occupations where you’re exposed to loud noises, bright lights, and chemicals, you may be at a greater risk for hearing or vision loss. Even though people often equate vision and hearing impairment to aging and other factors, your occupation can play a significant role as well.

The best way to avoid hearing or vision loss is to follow all safety procedures at work and if there are none in place, talk to your employer. Wear earplugs and eye protection whenever it’s recommended or required.

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