Ways to Prevent Criminals from Entering Your Business Premises

Your business is your life’s work. And the place where you hold this business plays a huge role in your and your family’s life. It also goes without saying that your place of business has cost you a huge amount of money.

For those reasons alone, it is imperative that you protect your business premises at all times from criminals. How do you do this? Start with some tips provided below.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

One good way to prevent criminals from entering your business premises is to secure all points of entry. All doors, windows, and any section of your store or office wall that can be pried open by people of ill intentions should be made secure.

Using a simple lock is not the best way to go about this. Use advanced lockpicks to test your doors and locks, and when you find easy-to-break locks, replace them right away. Make sure that you have security lighting, CCTV, and strong doors. You may also want to consider installing shutters or heavy-duty grilles.

Keep Lights On

Horrible things often happen in the dark. And when you are a business owner, this is something that you need to keep in mind. If your business premises is well-lit inside and outside, you will be preventing burglars from entering. After all, they will not want to commit a crime in a place that clearly reveals their identity.

Even when you’re closed, leave enough light inside. This way, people passing by can see potential crimes that may happen within your office or store and report accordingly.

Hire Good Staff

Maintaining a secure business is often an issue of human resources. This is why it is important to be 100 percent sure of the people you hire. You have to know that there are ways to circumvent your hiring process, especially when it comes to trustworthiness. You have to make your hiring process more extensive by running thorough background checks, such as pre-employment drug tests, on your employees.

Keep Control of Keys

If there are only a few copies of keys to your business premises, there is a lower chance of burglary and other related crimes. Those who are in charge of the keys should always be reminded to keep said keys secure at all times.

You should also have a record for key distribution. In the event that a key is not returned after an employee resigns, change locks or codes right away. Or you can simply limit each employee’s access to certain parts of the premises, using their job function/role as the basis for said access.

Have an Alarm Installed

This is a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning when talking about keeping business premises safe from criminals. A good alarm system, especially a silent central station type, is your store’s or office’s best protection. When it goes off, it doesn’t make a sound and notify the criminals. But it does notify the alarm specialists, who will then inform the authorities.


With these five tips properly implemented, there is no doubt that your store or office will become twice as secure. Also keep in mind that these tips should be reviewed and updated frequently to further strengthen the security of your business premises.

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