What You Need To Concentrate On When Launching A Content Marketing Campaign For a Startup

The startup landscape is full of great business ideas and marketing campaigns. Standing out from the competition could be the goal while for another campaign increasing brand recognition could be the goal. Content marketing is changing with a shift towards higher quality content instead of clickbait type articles that seem to have flooded all platforms. A startup’s content marketing campaign is going to differ from an established company or corporation. Larger established companies can throw money at a problem while a content marketing campaign for a startup has to be unique. The following are what you need to concentrate on when it comes to your content marketing campaign for a startup.

Content Should Be High Quality and Reflect Brand’s Voice

Gone are the days where generic content could garner hundreds of shares via social media. Having a specific writer or group of writers is important as you do not want the brand’s voice to change with each article published on the blog. Turn the company blog into a resource for those in the industry and this can quickly turn a startup into a thought leader in a specific niche. Try out different types of content as not everyone likes to consume their content by reading. Podcasts as well as interactive webpages have shown good ROI so create different forms of content so the startup does not alienate a demographic that consumes content in a certain way. Commonly asked questions for a healthcare practice like what does a STD look like or an example of real hemorrhoid pictures can help a visitor out immensely. Educate readers and potential customers, don’t just sell to them.

Outsource or Not

Outsourcing your content marketing might be wise as hiring an in-house marketing team could be far too expensive for a company in its infancy. Doing a simple search of SEO in your city can allow a startup to see what content a company has created as well as if they can help climb the search engine rankings. Plenty of SEO companies offer content creation services as well as offsite publishing in order to increase the exposure of a company. These companies often have established relationships that can be leveraged in order to maximize ROI.

Engaging With Customers/Prospects Via Social Media

Social media is the best free platform that can be used to promote content. Social media content also needs to be high quality whether it is tweeting a thought provoking question or engaging with followers answering questions. This does not mean that the company needs to concentrate on all platforms but Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should definitely be covered. Scheduling out posts can be easy with certain software so an entire month of tweeting can be scheduled and written in a matter of hours.

SEO Should Not Be Overlooked

SEO has been called dead by some marketers but they could not be more incorrect. Those on search engines rarely go passed the first page so it is important for the startup to show up high in the results. The website has an impact on SEO as a fast loading time and mobile optimization are factors that are incorporated in the algorithm that ranks sites. Consult an SEO expert to see how the site of the startup can be improved to start converting more customers from search today!

As you can see content marketing is alive and well which will continue to be the case. Invest in a solid content marketing campaign to take your startup to new heights.

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Melissa Thompson

Melissa is a mother of 2, lives in Utah, and writes for a multitude of sites. She is currently the EIC of HarcourtHealth.com and writes about health, wellness, and business topics.