Why Hiring A Design Studio Can Be A Huge Value-Add

If you’ve been working long hours, managing a small team and fighting tooth and claw for more funding for your young startup, it’s hard to delegate or outsource work to an external agency. While this kind of parental protectiveness is natural, it’s also necessary to loosen up over time and learn when it’s best to collaborate. That doesn’t mean you need to trust the first slick-talking strangers that come along – learning to identify agencies whose cultures are aligned with your company is a fine art, and it’s in your best interest to be discerning.

Why Hiring A Design Studio Can Be A Huge Value-Add 1

In this post, we’re going to look at a variety of projects that may benefit from the support of a design studio, and situations in which you’re likely to get your money’s worth.

Book Launch/ Publishing House

The hard truth about the publishing industry is that it is not able to generate the revenue it once did. With online piracy of eBooks, free sharing sites like Wattpad and the simple fact that people don’t read as much as they used to, it’s tough to make money selling books.

If you work at a publishing house, or you are self-publishing a novel, launching a robust digital ad campaign is a good way to generate some buzz. A design studio can help make reading seem sexy and exciting in a way that traditional advertising might not. Focusing on digital content, audio and potentially even filming a book trailer is a great way to funnel some of the current zeitgeist into your project.

Digital Services/ Emerging Markets

With culture and society changing at a speed that can give you whiplash, there are many start-ups popping up to fill emerging niches. Reliable cryptocurrency platforms/ gateways, for example, are in high demand and with the legalization of cannabis in Canada and some US states, well-marketed vendors with innovative products will surely climb to the top of the pile.

If you are part of such a start-up and you’re debating when to hire a graphic designer, consider when you will be able to offer your services publicly and try to synchronize the marketing project with the launch. Coordinating these kinds of things perfectly can be difficult, so be sure that your team and the external team are diligent and punctual with their work, otherwise, value-add could become valueless effort.

Why Hiring A Design Studio Can Be A Huge Value-Add 2

Art Exhibit/ Festival

With an overwhelming number of cultural events to choose from in any major city, staging a successful art exhibit or multi-faceted festival (Luminato, in Toronto, for example) is incredibly difficult unless you’re well-established. Adopting a bold slogan and a bright, unique logo can build awareness, and if you’re able to book at least one very well-known act/ artists, you can build your campaign around them. Sometimes having one heavy-weight act and a plethora of smaller ones is better than having a program filled with middle-weights.

Whatever it is you’re promoting, holding fast to your values and exercising a healthy scepticism is crucial. Building strong relationships with like-minded businesses, however, can lead to an expanded network and a host of inspiring ideas to stimulate your own team’s creativity!

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