Why Your Small Business Must Have an Internal Employee App

Currently, there are around 30 million small buisiness in the US. And guess what? Almost every single one of them is facing the same challenges. Let me rattle off a few that will sound all too familiar: effectively communicating with all employees, hiring and training new employees, creating a job schedule that works for everyone, tracking employees’ working hours and – wait, let me catch my breath, cause the list goes on! Simply put, the list of challenges small business owners face is a mile long, and then some.

However, I’m not here to just talk about the bad, you know the challenges you’re faced with. You’ve been “handling” them for years, after all. And maybe now, you’re looking to the sky for answers. However, there is a solution that’s staring you right in the face. And it even fits in the palm of your hand…that’s right folks, I am talking about the mobile phone! Or rather, an employee app.

So, what is an employee app? There is no one concrete definition, however to sum it up, an employee app is a tool that allows you to keep everyone on the same page. Most employee apps are exceptional at excelling communication – in just one click, you can send an update to all your employees, especially if you have a large deskless workforce. This way, you don’t need to call everyone or worry that not everyone read your email. With push notifications, you reach your entire team in seconds and you can track who read your message and who didn’t.

However, some employee apps go above and beyond. They do more than just offer communication tools. Take, for instance, Connecteam’s easy-to-use employee app. Okay, first we do have to mention that Connecteam, too, offers easy communication with all your employees. Start a private chat or create a group conversation based on location, department, etc. Connecteam has an in-app directory so you never have to save work contacts on your personal phone! Instead, you can search by name, title, location and so on – this way, you can easily find the right contact person. And you can create surveys – whether you start from scratch or choose a template – so you can always receive feedback in real-time. Plus, have a suggestion box that’s readily available so your employees can freely share their ideas at anytime. All of these communication features that Connecteam offers will boost employee engagement, build teamwork and relationships, and will always ensure everyone is on the same page.

As a small business owner, you might also be looking for a time clock solution that works for you. Connecteam offers that too. In no time, your employees can clock in and out, request absences, view current and past timesheets, and add notes. Plus, whenever employees clock in, they choose a tag like a job, a project, a customer, etc. The employee app instantly adds the GPS location stamp too. Your employees can add shift attachments if needed, such as customer list, mileage read, equipment usage and so on. You can set up push notifications to remind employees to clock in or out and you can also automatically clock them out, just in case they forget. Timesheets are simple and easy to navigate and the app has multiple export options, like Quickbooks Online integration. As a business owner, you don’t want to boggle down with counting hours or making sure your staff has accurately calculated their time. Let the employee app do it for you.

So you can communicate and track employee hours, what about scheduling? Yup, Connecteam does that too! Easily add shifts and send the calendar to employees in a single tap. Create single, multiple or team shifts, and also upload a bulk of shifts by using an excel file. With Connecteam’s calendar view, drag and drop options, and easily copying last week’s shifts, you save so much time on organizing and mapping out schedules.

With all of the features Connecteam boasts of, and there are more we haven’t even mentioned (workflows, checklists and forms, onboarding, etc), it sounds super expensive, right? Well, it isn’t! Connecteam is available at a fixed monthly price for up to 200 users. Yup, you don’t need to pay per user! Choose from their three pricing plans, starting at $29 and $72 a month or contact a customer service agent about their Enterprise plan if you need over 200 users.

Knowing what you know about the challenges small business owners face, the benefits of an employee app, and how Connecteam is a true all-in-one solution, you are a step closer to taking your business to the next level. Leave old challenges in the dust and make the mobile switch.

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Melissa Thompson

Melissa is a mother of 2, lives in Utah, and writes for a multitude of sites. She is currently the EIC of HarcourtHealth.com and writes about health, wellness, and business topics.