Working from Home – 5 Things Remote Workers Should Know in 2018

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Rather than searching for a new job, many workers are deciding that they want to
be in direct control of their work and their incomes. Home-based entrepreneurs are
becoming much more commonplace. It’s cost-efficient these days to start an online
business, so starting a freelancing business from home is possible if you have a
computer and a reliable internet connection.

However, before you jump in there are a number of factors to consider so your
business doesn’t end up being a bust.

1. Working Remotely is a Skill – While working remotely may seem an
appealing proposition to many, “Not everyone is suited to remote work, “
says Layne Davlin, Founder and CEO of Einstein HR,  “remote workers have to be self-motivating and proactive.” Successful remote workers have a certain skill set that lends itself to motivation.

2. It’s Still Work – While it is true that working from home means you can save money, skip the daily commute, be home for the kids, and be able to work while in your pajamas, you still have to focus on the business. You not only have to keep yourself on task, sometimes you have to train family and friends so they respect your time as though you were working in an office.

3. Go Digital – Using the internet to work, according to an article at Business
News Daily, is now widely accepted. We do nearly everything online.
Remotely connected entrepreneurs can work from anywhere, but they do
need to have access to stable internet access. Also, some facility with
making websites and using social media will be necessary for internet

4. Market Your Business and Yourself – Home-based entrepreneurs spend a
lot of time marketing themselves. That means putting yourself out there to
potential clients. Keep your profiles current wherever your potential clients
might be lurking. It’s also good to have a portfolio of work to show to
clients when they inquire about your services. Testimonials from past clients
or colleagues who can recommend you to friends and other business can
open many doors.

5. Be Prepared Before You Submit a Proposal – Working remotely is often
a very temporary proposition. Clients and projects change constantly. The
best way to ensure that you maintain relationships with both agencies and
end clients is to maintain a level of professionalism at all times. You can
ensure the success of your freelance business by delivering value-added
solutions to your client’s problems with knowledge, courtesy and
professionalism. Even if you did a small job for a client years ago, you never
know when that client might come back with a big job.

Freelancing as an alternative to chasing employment is attractive, but there is a
learning curve. Take these tips to heart before you take the leap.

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