Year In Review: Which 2017 Minivans Do Consumers Like Best?

In search of a new minivan? It’s a little-known fact that purchasing a brand new car can be more expensive than it needs to be. You can save thousands on the original purchase price simply by buying a car that’s a year old-as long as you go with the cream of the crop.

In 2017, there were several minivans that were particularly popular. All of these options are loaded with the latest and greatest features for families. They boast sleek aerodynamic designs, comfortable seating, spacious cargo, Stow-n-Go seats, exciting entertainment systems, smooth-riding engines, and more.

Without further ado, let’s see which minivans consumers liked best.

Toyota Sienna

In 2016, the Toyota Sienna was the top-selling minivan, and it still maintained its popularity throughout 2017. It’s the only minivan that comes equipped with all-wheel drive. It also seats up to eight people, depending on the style you choose, and it boasts the largest rear cargo space of any van in its class. That means that even if you have eight people in the car, they can ride comfortably while also having enough space to store their things.

As far as the bells and whistles, the Sienna offers a rearview backup camera, touchscreen console, and a large rearview video screen. The price tag for the Sienna is admittedly higher than most minivan models, but Toyotas tends to hold their value when it’s time to sell.

Kia Sedona

Something consumers seem to like best about the Kia Sedona is that it looks more like an SUV than a traditional minivan. They also love the smooth ride, deliberate maneuvering, and 276 horsepower, 3.3L V6 engine.

Like the Sienna, the Sedona also offers up to eight seats with decent cargo room for road trips or shuttling kids around town. The trimmings include a rearview camera, satellite audio system, slide-n-stow seats, and a hidden rear seat entertainment screen.

Chrysler Pacifica

Out of all the top-rated minivans in 2017, the Pacifica takes the cake for design. It’s a sleeker, more aerodynamic model that’s perfect for the style-conscious shopper. The interior design is also contoured and comfortable for both children and adults, perfect for road trips and day-to-day drives.

Looks aren’t everything for this stylish vehicle. It also features Stow-n-Go seating for expansive cargo space, a built-in vacuum cleaner to keep up with your kids’ messes, and WiFi for up to eight devices. It’s also available in a Hybrid model for better gas mileage and eco-conscious driving.

Honda Odyssey

If you’re tired of your kids asking “Are we there yet?” or poking each other constantly out of boredom, the Honda Odyssey impressively decked out with the latest in entertainment technology is your kind of ride. It boasts an 8-inch central touchscreen and rear-seat entertainment system that parents loved, especially for long road trips.

Another cool feature is an intercom that allows rear-seat passengers to talk to those in the driver and front passenger seats without yelling. It also comes with a 4G LTE WiFi system that will power everyone’s devices. Since this minivan can fit up to eight people, you’ll need all of these entertainment features to keep them satisfied all ride long.

Looking back on a year of great minivans will hopefully help you decide what you want to purchase. Whether you’re looking for cargo space, fuel economy, entertainment, or high-tech options, any of these vans will meet your needs at a great price compared to the newest models.

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