Your Videos Need Viewers: How to Buy and Use Them

You’ve just spent a gazillion dollars (more or less) and hours upon hours of time shooting, editing, and trimming your video. You’ve cleaned up the audio track, touched up the colors, and given it a snazzy intro. It’s posted on YouTube and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in.


It takes money to make money and that old saying has never been truer than when you’re competing with millions of other videos for clicks and views, comments and likes. You don’t just want them, you need them.

Why Do I Need Reviews?

Reviews mean your videos are being watched. How is that for starters? If your videos aren’t being watched, then why did you bother making them and posting them? Online reviews serve other functions too.

If you’re locked out of your house at night, you don’t just want a locksmith, you want a locksmith that can be trusted. So what do you do? You whip out your phone and search for locksmiths. Then you scroll down to see what people said about each one. As soon as you start seeing a lot of negative comments (“Took forever to get here!”, “Rude and obnoxious!”, “Tried to hit on me.”) you’ll bypass that one and skip to the next.

But when you see positive glowing comments about their professionalism or great prices, that’s the one you’ll call and give your business to.

Good reviews translate into good business and video marketing is the key to growing your business via the internet.

You need reviews, which means you need people to watch your videos. But how?

YouTube Views

The problem starts with how YouTube’s search algorithm ranks your video based on how many views you have. The more views, the higher your video will be listed, which will result in more views, propelling you even higher. Along the way, you’ll start getting some reviews and likes. The whole process is like a cyclone, building higher and higher.

The converse holds true as well. The fewer views you have, the lower your video will be ranked and listed, leading to fewer views, which in turn sends your video straight to the bottom. It’s a vicious cycle that feeds on itself.

You need views to get views but how do you get those first few views to start the process in the upward direction?

No One’s Watching

There are a lot of reasons no one is watching your videos, but lack of initial views is far and away the main reason. That’s why you need to go here to buy YouTube views, likes, and comments.

You don’t want to pay for bots or fake zombie accounts. They can create some initial views but it’s a static number. You buy the views for a super low price and your video suddenly get two or three hundred views (or however many you paid for) within a few hours but then it stops cold.

There’s no engagement, no likes, no written reviews, no one clicking on the links back to your business – nothing. You paid for advertising that didn’t accomplish anything. Additionally, if YouTube notices that all your views are coming from bots you risk being permanently suspended.

Real Users

What you need are live users with real accounts. They will not only view your video, or a few seconds of it, they will also like it and leave some comments. The exact number depends on the package you buy. YouTube’s algorithm also takes the number of likes and comments into consideration when it’s ranking your video or videos. The more you have of any or all of them, the higher you’ll be ranked.

By getting a cross-section of different views from around the world and from various demographics you’ll be seeding your videos with engagement from real users. This provides the initial conditions needed to start that upward cyclone of views, likes, and comments that will build on itself.

Content is King

You can’t rely just on buying YouTube views though. If your videos look like an amateur produced them, real viewers will soon notice it. If they see a few glowing reviews below a bad video they’ll soon figure out that you paid for them. There’s nothing people hate worse than being taken advantage of, and their counter reviews will be scathing.

Buy views the right way though and it can provide the jump start your business needs.

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