Tips for Making your Website Stand Out

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Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a mom and pop shop looking to break into ecommerce. Here are some tips for making your website stand out amongst the seemingly endless (and growing) list of competitors.

Use a Professional

You wouldn’t build your own office chairs, pave your own parking lot, or plaster your own billboards, so why would you trust one of the most important aspects of your business to amateurs?

So find a team of professionals that know digital. This includes designers, developers, and SEO experts. If possible work with a local team, so if you live in Australia maybe check out Adelaide web design. A team that you can meet face-to-face can be crucial in making your ideas a reality and taking your business to the next level.

Hiring a team of professionals will end up an original, user friendly, and professional website that will stand out from your competition.

Think Like a Customer

Often people redesign their websites based on feedback from internal staff. This is a big mistake. The needs, ideas, and ways that your staff (and yourself) are viewing the company’s site is much different than that of your clients and customers. The chances are your internal team is viewing the company site on desktop computers but there is a good chance that your clients are viewing on tablets and mobile smart phones.

A professional agency will look at the analytics (viewing habits) of your current and targeted customer base so you can focus your site accordingly. You will also want your data to represent your customer’s needs. What do most of your visitors want to know about your company? This should be front and center.

Be sure your design is user friendly and visually pleasing so it not only represents your brand but encourages your visitors to stay and engage with the content. Thinking like a customer can do wonders for making your website stand out.

Have a Memorable Domain

What is an eBay, a “Google,” a “yahoo,” and what does the Amazon have to do with delivering toasters and books? They were all picked because they are easy to remember. A domain name (the thing between the www. and the .com) can help make your site stand out. While the goofy nonsense names of the of the original dot com bubble have made way for sleeker names and slightly more relevant (think Uber, Tumblr, or Pintrest) the domain is still how most customers will recognize you.

While your company name is a good place to start, try not to get hung up on being too literal. For example the ecommerce giant “” is much better than “” Keep it short, sweet, memorable, and relevant (if possible.) Having a memorable domain name is the first step in making your website stand out.

By thinking of a clever domain name, putting yourself in your customers shoes, and working with a team of professionals, you can make sure your website stands out from the pack.

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