2018 Compact SUV Reviews

Small SUVs are one of the most popular car types on the road, and it’s very clear just why that is. Not only are they perfectly suited for families, but their low costs in terms of overall price and running costs are also remarkably low for what you get. The market for SUVs continues to grow, and if you’re looking at the range of options available you’re probably wondering which model is best suited for you. This will ultimately come down to the space that you need and the budget that you have, so to help you along, here are the best three compact SUVs available right now.

Volvo XC40

This was the first attempt by Volvo at making a compact version of its XC60 and XC90 range, and it’s worked out very well indeed. This is a very charismatic vehicle, and is very suitable for those younger families with less of a budget but who are unwilling to compromise on looks. As you’d expect from a Volvo, the driving is excellent, and when combined with the luxury interior it’s clear that Volvo is expecting a lot from the sales figures of the XC40. There’s nothing flashy about this car, but there doesn’t need to be. It makes up for it by being practical, comfortable, and packed with all of the technology extras that you’d hope for.


It’s been a while since MG could offer something exciting and fresh, but they certainly pulled out all of the stops when it came to the release of the ZS. It’s already proving to be a sales success, with the ZS literally doubling the sales figures across the MG range. A lot of the attraction of the ZS is because of the price, which is considerably lower than most compact SUV models, yet it also manages to keep that MG look that is always so appealing. This is a restrained design, and the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine may not be as tough as some of its competitors, but it’s still a powerful machine that does everything you want in an SUV. It may be classified as a compact SUV, but there’s nothing small about the MG ZS. In terms of cabin space and boot size, it’s very difficult to beat, and when combined with the price, it’s no wonder that MG is so happy with the results.

Range Rover Evoque

The whole ‘baby’ Range by Land Rover has resulted in some impressive sales figures, but you certainly pay the price for it. The Evoque may be one of the more robust compact SUVs on the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive. However, that price tag is reflected in the quality that you’d expect from Land Rover, and the handling is a testament to that. You will find that, as with all Range Rovers, that you’re going to end up paying out when it comes to taxes and gas, but when an SUV looks this good, it might be worth the extra costs. Aside from the price, the Evoque could be more comfortable, but that’s a minor flaw in an otherwise wonderful vehicle.

As an alternative to the traditional family hatchback, compact SUVs are very appealing and incredibly practical. Sturdier than saloons and more spacious than people carriers, the SUV market is growing. If you’re looking for a low-cost but practical family car that will put up with a lot, then the compact SUV is should definitely where you should start your search.

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