5 Unique Home Improvement Options

Whereas many people want to go standard and traditional routes when it comes to home improvement, there are those who want to take the road less traveled. These individuals want to stick out, they want to be noticed, and they want their homes to reflect their desire for uniqueness.

Five ways that you can do this, to varying degrees of practicality, include installing a rubber roof, using styled solar panels, installing custom awnings, landscaping your yard for garden use rather than for grass like a typical lawn, or maybe even really customizing your windows and doors.

A Rubber Roof

Did you know that you can install a rubber roof on your home? Most people don’t! But the fact is, there are all sort of positives for reasons like cost effectiveness, longevity, ease of repair, and even color options. If you want a quirky thing to be able to say to your home improvement buddies, you can’t go too far wrong being able to say the statement ‘yep, it was time to replace the roof, so I went with rubber.’ That’s some conversation gold, right there.

Stylish Solar Panels

Solar panels definitely aren’t mainstream yet. And that means if you want to be one of those hip, early adopter home improvement gurus, you still have time to get some panels and decide how you want them to fit in with the rest of your decorative desires. Older styles could be bulky and perhaps a bit neutrally uninspiring, but new technology has allowed solar panel companies to streamline a bit of the clunkiness out of the design. And a big bonus to going solar, as well as with regard to improving your home, is improving your carbon footprint as well.

Custom Awnings

There are a few standard awning designs. They’re usually fairly practical, fairly ordinary affairs. They keep the sun and rain out, for sure. But if you want a fun home improvement project, do a detailed survey of the wind, the sun, and the rain, and then get some of the craziest custom awnings you can. Mess with the size, shape, color, material, and movability. Look at images of the most unique awnings you can find, and meditate on how you could make those ideas work for you.

Garden Landscaping Instead of Lawn

And you can expand your idea of home improvement into the idea of yard improvement as well. And if you really want to be unique on that level, scrap your grass, and put in a garden all over instead. Seasonally, it will be far more interesting to interact with, and you can do stuff like grow vegetables instead of cut grass every week!

Custom Windows and Doors

In addition to the idea of a custom awning, if you’re feeling scrappy, you can try for completely custom windows and doors as well. You might look like an oddball having a round door like a hobbit, or a huge set of window panes in unusual areas, but if it’s an expression of your personality, go for it!

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