Best Software to Check People Before Recruitment

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A crucial part of recruitment is to check people ahead of any potential hire and in doing so you can find out a huge amount of information about the candidate. There is a lot of software available on the market which can support you in doing this and here are the best ones to use in our view.


A leading provider of on-demand background checks, drug tests, employment and education verification. To check people thoroughly HireRight is your best bet.


This software offers a full HR solution, all in one database. This means that the technology you use in your recruiting efforts is the same you use for payroll activities and staffing. To check people in one system and furthermore, keep all in check is important. This helps businesses streamline employment processes from recruitment to retirement.

Newton ATS

This intuitive ATS is built by recruiters to check people like you. This means that it does what it’s supposed to do at every stage of the recruitment process. This is a great tool which you can use for attracting new talent or engaging with them, team collaboration or interviews, or sending offer letters and onboarding new employees.

VICTIG Screening Solutions

The most innovative background check software, adept at drug testing, verification, and i9 provider. It excels with its simple interface, FCRA compliance and timings. Definitely the best option to check people or existing employees. It includes criminal databases, registry search, all either nationwide or state-centered.

CareerBuilder Employment Screening

This tool helps you to simplify screening by making things simple and visible, it is fast and reliable to keep candidates engaged. With its holistic approach, to check people has never been such a joy. It provides technology which you’ll love and commit to.

First Advantage

This software offers an ideal suite of solutions for recruiters and integrates a global technology.

Intelifi Background Check Software

It offers a background screening intelligence with over 40 different data vendors, many ATS integrations and a superior team of developers, it is widely recognized as one of the best screening providers to check people and is currently being used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Sterling Talent Solutions

Have a recruiters peace of mind based on simple, smarter screening and a reliance on a great onboarding experience.


A simple, fast and friendly background screening software that allows you to check talent for startups and hungry young companies.


Goodhire is a screening company that emerged out of Silicon Valley. It provides criminal records, identity, and credit details, credentials, abuse of substances and all global screening services. It feeds from a solid database of its existing clients, consistently gaining expertise and knowledge in order to offer updated customer service.

Verified First

The excellent background tool to check people as well as drug screening in the US. It provides a robust search engine with great customer care services and state of the art technology. Skilled-centered it has become an industry leader, earning a spot on the INc. 5000 as a fast-growing company. They work with business from all sectors and increase their talent pool by the sheer power of networking and relationships.

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