Why Businesses Should Have a Server Room System

The server room is the beating heart of any modern business. Also sometimes known as a comm room, communications room or data centre, this is the room where the company’s computer servers are kept. They are usually in continuous operation to ensure that vital services are maintained. In some establishments, such as hospitals, keeping the systems running may be literally a matter of life and death. Even if this is not quite the case, these servers will store information, run programs and maintain the online presence that your business cannot afford to be without.

Why You Need a Server Room

Some companies rely on a third party provider for their servers, but once a business reaches a certain level, the option of maintaining its own servers goes from being desirable to essential. A server room gives you control over your own processes. You aren’t reliant on an outside party in order to keep functioning, and as long as you follow correct procedure, maintaining your own servers is more secure than contracting them out.

Server Room Benefits

A decent quality server room or comm room improves productivity. With your own server room, you can ensure you have enough servers with enough power and memory to run all of your systems effectively. If your servers are over-strained and running at full capacity they will be sluggish and prone to crash. A good server room means that your team can get on with their jobs without having to constantly wait for the computer system to catch up or reboot.

Having a server room gives you control over your own data. Adequate data management is essential for any business and security is paramount. While online backup is advisable, storing data within your own servers in a secure physical space greatly reduces the risk of information being stolen, hacked or corrupted.

Your servers keep your equipment running. This really isn’t a job you can entrust to anyone else. By keeping your servers on the premises in a dedicated, temperature-controlled room, with proper backup systems, you can minimise the risk of systems failures and keep control of your own continuity.

Potential Problems

For a server room to do its job it needs to be up-to-date and well-maintained. Elderly systems may run slowly or fail, and you can’t afford to wait until this happens to take action. Inspect and upgrade your server room regularly. If you’re installing a server room for the first time, it’s worth taking some time and spending some money to make sure it’s done right. Using a specialist company to design, build and maintain your server or comm room is a decision that will pay off in the end.

A server room can be a business’s greatest asset, but if it isn’t properly maintained it can also be its weakness. Make sure your server room is constantly air-conditioned at an optimum temperature, and that your servers are correctly racked so that they are well-ventilated. The server room should be located away from any source of major vibrations such as a busy road or industrial machinery, as well as pipes that could leak. It can then fulfil its role of controlling and maintaining the networks and systems vital to any modern business.


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