Do the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Outweigh the Risks?

Contrary to a number of popular beliefs, artificial intelligence (AI) is not all about robots taking over the human race. In fact, AI is prevalent in far less obvious ways in much of our daily lives.

From Google Maps to SIRI, self-driving cars, smart appliances, and simple email commands, AI actually makes our lives a whole lot easier.

But what are the actual benefits of artificial intelligence and should we feel threatened at all, as a human race? Find out more in this blog…

The Risks vs. the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The advent of AI and its functions has progressed rapidly in recent years. From search engine algorithms to autonomous weapons, much of our world functions as it does thanks to artificial intelligence.

With this in mind, what exactly is artificial intelligence?

In today’s world, AI is officially known as narrow AI – meaning it’s designed to perform a simple, basic task. Nowhere near world domination!

Just some of these tasks include internet searches or facial recognition. At the moment, AI outperforms humans in these basic tasks.

General AGI, also known as strong AI, could eventually outperform humans in almost every cognitive task. So, what are the negative implications of this?

The Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Indeed, the future of AI future looks bright. But there are a number of risks involved in machines completing all tasks, without human intervention.

Some of these include:

1. Unhealthy Technological Obsession

Many of today’s most popular social media sites use AI to attract users, driving an obsessive social media culture. This includes platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The use of integrated AI has created an unhealthy addiction to social media in much of today’s society. Contributing to negative health issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, sleep deprivation, and more.

2. Negative Environmental Impact

The data footprint created by the advent of AI is incredibly large. So much so that experts believe it’s contributing to global warming and various weather disturbances.

The rate at which data is created and moved around the globe is leaving behind a negative carbon footprint of its own, taking a toll on our natural resources.

Learn more about the green gadgets taking strides in reducing the world’s carbon footprint, here.

3. Increased Unemployment

The reality is that AI could lead to an increase in unemployment rates across the globe thanks to machine-automated technology.

In other words, AI machinery is able to work around the clock, while humans can’t. So it’s only natural that many industries would turn to this type of efficiency over human productivity.

4. Infiltrated Infrastructure

The nature of AI is to programme an operating system and leave it on autopilot to do the work in the background. This operating system is fed with large amounts of data by the right type of person. But what if said operating system falls into the wrong hands, such as a malicious hacker?

In today’s world, malicious hacking is a reality that many prominent businesses face. With the advent and integration of AI into their operations, an infiltrated infrastructure becomes a very real reality.

5. New Age Terrorism

The world itself is at risk of what is known as new age terrorism. This is characterized by automated cyber attacks on governments, businesses, and prominent individuals.

This form of terrorism could unleash chaos in a world that’s already battling to establish peace between a number of different nations.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

What’s important to understand is that AI is, in fact, not all doom and gloom. AI has a number of advantages that make our world the technologically savvy, streamlined and convenient place we live in…

1. Increased Efficiency

Many jobs of a monotonous nature are now being absorbed by AI technology. This gives way to greater speed, efficiency and a reduced rate of human error within a number of industries.

All-in-all, this leads to reduced production costs and a major increase in the efficiency of production itself, totally eliminating the need for human intervention.

2. Simplification

Yep, AI is used to make life a whole lot simpler for the global population. From your home’s thermostat to virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, AI is here to make things simple, accessible, and easy.

Lost in a new city? Google maps and integrated AI is here to save the day. And this is just one out of thousands of examples of the efficiency of AI.

3. Medical Precision and Diagnostics

Artificial intelligence is widely used with the medical field today, and as such, has made the field more accurate than ever before.

AI is used for perfectly accurate medical diagnostics, precision surgeries, and even remote surgeries performed from miles away!

AI is also integrated into surgery simulators which are used to train medical practitioners as well as therapeutic robots which improve patient care.

That Fitbit you’re wearing during your workout? Yep, integrated AI is even used to track your health on-the-go.

4. Forgoing Human Limitation

Artificial intelligence has been helping humans forgo physical limitations for years, most especially with regards to space and the deep ocean exploration.

Without AI, delving into the depths of the universe and the ocean wouldn’t be possible. Overall, AI has helped generation after generation to understand the world and universe we live in.

5. Intelligent Decision Making

Due to the nature of AI and its ability to capture huge amounts of data we’re able to make better decisions within varying industries.

This includes intelligent decision making within the medical, financial, and manufacturing industries, among others. The fast and efficient analysis of data allows AI to reach predictions and industry owners to make better-informed decisions.

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