Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Delaware

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The state of Delaware is offering tax breaks for businesses that provide an Electric Charging Station for electric and hybrid vehicles. As part of a mission to reduce greenhouse gases on area highways, the state of Delaware was dubbed an electric vehicle charging corridor. There will be highway signs leading to charging stations, just like the ones that mark gas stations.

Consumers and businesses have much to gain by buying electronic or hybrid vehicles since state environmental regulators have earmarked thousands of dollars for tax breaks for companies that put in electric vehicle charging stations. Once again, the First State is leading the charge for change. This measure is part of a larger strategy to lower or eliminate emissions in Delaware.

It’s Tax Deductible

Along those lines, the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has announced that 75 percent of the cost of installation for a charging station can be deducted. This could lead to saving up to $5,000 for each installation.

If you want in on the action, join other companies in the Delaware Workplace Charging Program. Members receive rebates for up to six charging stations, a potential savings of $30,000. You even get tips on how to install them.

Electric Vehicle Charging at Businesses

Since you spend much of the day at work, it makes sense for your employer to put in an electric vehicle charging station. They get a tax break and you get to be part of the solution. States like California have laws that will allow the state to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, in order to reap the benefits, you have to be able to charge the battery. That’s where additional EV charging comes in.

If you have held off buying an electric or hybrid vehicle, now’s the time to look again. The same goes for your business, which could get a tax break by claiming the expense to install electric vehicle charging station. The cost of charging stations ranges from a few hundred dollars to very expensive. For example, a 220-volt charge can cost up to $8,000. This is great news to anyone looking to secure a great tax cut or just help reduce the environmental impact of gas vehicles.

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