Ever Thought about Tracking Your Pet’s Location With a GPS Tracking Device?

A GPS tracking device is a type of gadget that allows people to see information on where a carrier, be that an object or an individual, is. In the past, GPS (global positioning system) trackers were used solely by the military in an effort to gather various forms of information. They were also large and bulky machines. Today, with advances in technology and electronics, GPS devices are much smaller and much more affordable, which means they can also be used by civilians, who do so for a variety of different reasons. In fact, you can now even use GPS devices to track a pet! However, in order for them to work properly with animals, they have to be embedded in something that the pet can use, without causing any kind of discomfort.

GPS Collars

A GPS collar is the most common type of pet tracker on the market today, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Many companies now make these collars and they have lots of special features available, including:

  • Long life battery and battery saving options.
  • Modifiable signals, which means you can change the range diameter.
  • Strobe lights that give an easy visual identification.

GPS collars also come with a receiver and those, again, come with different features. One of those is that they may be used as a charger for the collar. Then, there are the GPS trackers that use MURS (154.60 MHz) rather than cellular modems. This is very economical and also incredibly useful, because it means you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for this type of communication.

GPS Halters

If you don’t want to use a collar, you can use a halter instead. These enable you to track your pets’ location if they get lost. They also come with various special features, with each manufacturer having its own features. Some, for instance, have a reach of a mile in diameter, others have an exact location features, others show at what speed the animal is traveling, and so on. GPS halters don’t require installation and are very easy to use.

GPS Knapsacks

GPS knapsacks also exist, although they are not commonly seen, particularly when compared to collars or halters. These knapsacks send a periodical notification to the owner to show where the pet is. These trackers also have a range of features, such as area calculators, memory card slots, waterproof materials, and more. They are the more expensive trackers out there.

Cat GPS Trackers

While the above trackers could be used on cats, that is not what they are designed for. Rather, the collars, halters, and knapsacks have been designed for dogs. Because cats climb, go into trees and bushes, are regularly get themselves into very small and narrow spaces, it is not recommended to use anything other than a collar on them. And, if a collar is used, it has to be one with a self-release button so that the cat can’t hang itself. Currently, no GPS trackers designed solely for cats have been released to the market yet.

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