Five Online Communication Resources You Should Be Using

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Once upon a time, the only ways to conveniently communicate with other people was via phone or mail. Then along came fax machines, followed by computers and cell phones. Now you can stay in constant contact with wifi.

The internet has made so many things possible. While video conference was once something only seen in science fiction movies it is now a daily occurrence for business and personal use. You should be using as many communication resources as you can to reach out to people, not just your phone.

Conferencing/Video Chat

Video conferencing is a business dream come true. You no longer have to send a rep four states over to discuss business matters, you can meet using a video conference from the comfort of your own offices or boardrooms. While there are businesses that offer conference options for businesses, there are options for cheaper (or free) personal use as well.

Something simple and free like Google Hangouts and Skype can keep you in visual contact with your friends and family no matter where they are, or where you are.

Social Media

Social media is an amazing communication tool. People can reach out to one another, keep up with their lives via photos and posts, and they can check out their favorite businesses. If you have a business and you are not on Facebook with it, you are seriously missing out on an important tool.


You may not realize it, but your blog is also a communication tool. It’s a way to communicate your expertise in your particular field. It’s a way to tell people about your business and about what you know. All businesses need a blog.

Your blog is definitely a marketing tool that should be used on a regular basis. Post at least three times a week, and make sure that you are using factual information that people want to know about.


Chat rooms may not be as popular these days as they were over a decade ago, but they still offer an aesthetic that can be used by businesses. Forums, chat rooms, and even Facebook Groups are great places that give you the opportunity to communicate with various types of people. The communication you do in them could attract new customers.


Last, but not least, don’t neglect using email. While sending texts is the big thing for businesses these days, email is still important. There are still plenty of people out there that are not willing to sign up with their phone numbers to get randoms texts, and they’re afraid it’s a way for more companies to solicit their numbers.

That’s where email comes in. It’s easier to unsubscribe from emails you don’t want!

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