GMX Integrates dappOS V2 For Intent-Centric UX

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dappOS Version2

GMX, the leading decentralized perpetual exchange, announced its integration of dappOS V2. This integration aims to provide users with an intent-centric user experience and new powerful features.

With a dappOS unified account, traders and liquidity providers can now access Avalanche and Arbitrum-based GMX seamlessly from other chains without the need to manually bridge their assets.

By utilizing GMX powered by dappOSV2, users can trade and purchase GLP/GM (GMX’s LP tokens) with enhanced features and intent-centric UX.

Simplified Workflow

This integration also simplifies the workflow, optimizing execution time by 90% and reducing execution fees by up to 20%.

Additionally, users can deploy the total balance of their assets regardless of the distribution, confirm complicated, interdependent transactions across different chains with a single signature, and pay fees in any tokens.

GMX Grant

dappOS received a GMX grant, and both projects plan to jointly launch incentive programs soon.

Key Takeaways

  • Decentralized exchange GMX integrates dappOSV2
  • intent-centric user experience offered
  • Unified account enables seamless access
  • Traders and liquidity providers cab access GMX seamlessly from other chains
  • simplified workflow optimizes execution time by 90%
  • execution fees reduced by up to 20%
  • Users can deploy the total balance of their assets, confirm transactions across different chains with a single signature, pay fees in any tokens
  • dappOS received a GMX grant
  • incentive programs are set to launch.
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