How does a mobile sales tool turn sales reps into super sales reps?

There’s no doubt that mobile technology has created new and exciting prospects for B2B brands and wholesalers. One of these innovations is a mobile sales tool – transforming your sales reps into super sales reps.

You will reap the benefits of increased productivity, reduced inefficiencies together with a competitive edge in customer satisfaction.

How does a mobile sales tool transform sales reps?

It provides them with real-time customer information

To begin with, it allows your sales reps and management 24/7 access to all the up-to-date customer data they need. This includes customers’ purchase history, buying patterns, outstanding debts, top-selling items, product returns and much more.

Your sales reps can successfully plan ahead for customer visits and knowledgably make the most of every sales opportunity while they are face-to-face with the customer.

By accessing the relevant information, they’ll know which specific products to focus on, how to increase sales order size through up-selling and be aware of any outstanding customer service issues to address while onsite.

Sales reps record all on-site transactions

Data collection also works the other way around. Sales reps are not just looking up information, they are also collecting it – taking notes on customer interactions and recording them. They can document feedback, both positive and negative, and share it with the whole team using configurable mobile forms and surveys to quickly and accurately capture onsite interactions.

Building a good customer relationship depends upon your level of customer knowledge. The more you know about them, the more you can serve them efficiently. With a mobile CRM providing direct access to the customer’s complete sales history, your reps will provide a tailored customer service and greatly strengthen the customer relationship.

The whole team communicates effectively

Within a B2B company, sales reps and delivery staff may both visit the same customers. They need to see matching customer data to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications.

A mobile CRM solution means all staff can view each other’s activities. Whether it’s a sales rep or delivery employee in front of the customer, either can press a button and answer any question – the data is right there in front of them. Nothing will fall through the cracks.

This communication gives the impression you work collaboratively as a team and the customer feels acknowledged and listened to by the whole company.

Management has complete control

Management needs to monitor their sales reps’ activity and performance as well as analyze sales figures. Geo-tagged and time-stamped sales activities of the sales team can be viewed and analyzed to quickly identify and act upon gaps in sales execution.

A good mobile sales tool will also enable managers to assign sales reps by territory or customer, set individual sales goals, and monitor their performance metrics using dashboards and reports.

It helps retain existing customers

Were you aware that it costs five times as much to find a new customer than to retain an existing one? The key to holding on to your customers is to provide top notch customer service so they have no need to look elsewhere.

A sales platform incorporating CRM allows you to avoid one-off sales and nurture existing relationships by knowing exactly what each customer needs.

Lastly … . technology will never replace human interaction

We’ve seen how mobile sales solutions streamline the sales process, but remember that your customers still need the human touch. Digital technology will enhance your productivity no end, but people still respond to people – sales reps will always be needed.

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