How the Cloud Could Benefit your Business

The technological boom over the last twenty years is something like we’ve never seen before, changing our lives constantly every couple of years, making it one of the greatest revolutions of all time.

Of course, one of the most significant steps in the technological boom was the advent of the internet, which has changed the way we live and work. In fact, the rise of intelligent tech has recently been called the ‘fourth industrial revolution‘.

This is due to the way that it’s beginning to shift the way businesses operate. However, it’s also said that only around 15% of businesses are ready for this new revolution.

Part of the revolution that businesses should be quick to catch-up on, is cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

This is where all of a company’s data and applications are saved on to hardware in a data centre, rather than just within the company walls. This is then accessed and saved via the internet, and also removes the need for excessive in-house storage equipment and servers.

There are lots of different types of cloud computing, from work processors and digital payroll and HR systems to multiple ways of communication. But how can they help?

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Access Anywhere

One of the main benefits is the ability to access your information wherever you are. Whether you’re working from home or travelling for a business trip, you’ll constantly have access to all the information you need. This will surely help to introduce flexible working hours, stop you from having to stay at the office until midnight, and make travelling to meetings easier as the information will be with you already.

Less In-House Items

Because everything is saved externally, this means that all you’ll need in the office is laptops, computers, and the odd client facing device. This means there’ll no longer be the need for countless servers to store data and information.

The Environment

Because there’ll be less items on-site, this will help to save on your energy consumption, which is much better for the environment as a whole.

Easy Movement

Not only will it be much easier to work on the go and from home, but it’ll make meetings and collaboration much easier, as you won’t have to constantly move equipment around the office.


Because it’s off-site, disasters won’t affect your data. So, even if your office burns down, all of your information is stored safely elsewhere.

Cost Saving

You can pay for these systems monthly, which means there’s no need to pay upfront fees for server installations, or the need to have someone come and fix or maintain them regularly.


As everything is online, and password protected, there’ll be no worries of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands should any items be stolen or go missing.

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