How to Identify the Best Fiberglass Conduit Manufacturer

When telecommunications and power utilities install cables in new suburbs, they work with a fiberglass conduit manufacturer to put the cables into the ground. The fiberglass conduit system is a much better alternative than other types of materials such as PVC or coated steel. Fiberglass is also much safer, lasts longer, and costs less, so it is often the preferred choice.

There are many fiberglass conduit makers, and most claim to be the best. To identify these manufacturers, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Time in the industry. Companies that have long been in the industry are more experienced than their newer counterparts. That’s why a company that has been designing, developing, and manufacturing fiberglass products for years is a safe choice, providing they have a good reputation.

A pioneer in the industry knows the field inside and out, and its people have the experience to know what procedures work and what requirements must be met. Well-known companies also tend to attract the most skilled workers in the industry.

  1. Wide range of participation in various projects. It’s great to see a fiberglass company that’s been closely involved in many different types of projects. This means they have gained the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge about their clients. The best fiberglass companies have extensive history working with telecommunications and electrical companies.

Some fiberglass manufacturers have been in the industry for so long and have extended their range of expertise by participating in many other kinds of projects. These can include such seemingly disparate projects like working in the Euro tunnel project, the RADARSAT satellite antenna’s extendible structure, and the Space Station Robotic Mobile System (SSRMS). A versatile company may also have experience with developing fiberglass multi-cell underwater systems.

  1. Different products. Check the available products of a potential fiberglass company, and it should offer a range of different products. These should include services and materials for below ground conduit systems, such as Direct Burial or Encased Burial applications. It should also offer above ground systems for telecommunications, power, and transit utilities. It should also provide for underwater installation, even when faced with challenges such as irregular trench floors.
  2. Special safety options. Sometimes a fiberglass company must be able to comply with even the most stringent industry requirements for safety. These special requirements may call for extremely high mechanical standards, highly advanced conduit system longevity, non-metallic corrosion resistance, low smoke and non-toxic, and systems suitable for high temperature installation. In some cases, a fiberglass system should even be resistant to small caliber low-velocity projectiles to protect distribution systems and cables networks.

It’s very hard for new companies to catch up with the pioneers in the fiberglass industry. These titans had a much earlier start in research and development, on top of their extensive experience and expertise. What clients need in a fiberglass manufacturer is a company that’s considered the first in their field.

Smaller companies than telecoms and utilities also use fiberglass conduit. Construction companies also work with a conduit manufacturer that can give them exactly what they need. Dealing with a reputable and experienced company is always the safest bet. Call first and ask for a quote before making the final decision.

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