How To Leverage Screen Sharing To Create Content

Screen sharing tools are simple, yet effective tools that you can utilize to have better meetings, create more engaging content, and increase participation and retention among participants. How does screen sharing work, and how can it help create more engaging content? You’ve come to the right place for the answers to these questions.

What Is Screen Sharing And How Does It Work?

Screen sharing is simply sharing what’s on your computer screen with a person or group of people. The software copies your screen in real time, so you can give presentations, discuss content, or host meetings directly from your own computer.

There are many web-based screen sharing platforms out there, and the modern standard is a high-quality image, often with other tools like file sharing included with the service. How does this help create more engaging content?

Video Is More Engaging Than Audio

Sitting on a long conference call via telephone can be excruciatingly boring and lead to increased disengagement among its participants. Let’s be honest here, no one really wants to participate in a three-hour call about sales numbers.

Now let’s take that same meeting and utilize screen sharing. You’ll be able to share your computer screen with participants, including graphs and other visuals that will help keep everyone engaged and focused on the task at hand.

Simple screen sharing conferences yield better results than traditional calls and improve retention of information. Seeing the information as its explained will ensure that your call participants are sure of what the information represents.

Use Screen Sharing To Teach A New Process

When you’re creating teaching content for a new process, using screen sharing software can help you develop a better process for teaching the new material. Your participant will be able to view the content in high-definition and provide effective feedback on it.

You can also utilize screen sharing to teach the new process to a group of people, instead of having to go through it one-on-one with each individual. By teaching the group, you’re saving time. The participants will see exactly what’s on your screen and will be able to answer any pertinent questions, as well as provide feedback on how to make the content more engaging.

Collaboration Made Simple

Screen sharing is one of the best digital collaboration tools your team can utilize to maximize performance. Collaboration was traditionally an in-person practice, but with remote team members, this may not be possible.

With screen sharing software, your team members can collaborate on any project from anywhere in the world, in real-time. Not to mention, there will be increased attention to detail when team members can actually see what is on the other person’s screen, rather than attempting to describe it.

This increased collaboration can lead to better content and more complete projects, meaning better sales and customer loyalty. Customers want a great product, and to create one your team needs to be in sync at all times. Remember that customer satisfaction actually begins at the production level with the collaboration of your team members.

Screen Sharing Can Augment Other Communication Methods

Whether you’re hosting a conference call or a video conference, you can utilize screen sharing software to augment the content you’re discussing. The call’s participants will be able to view the content on your computer screen, and this helps everyone focus on the task at hand.

A phone call augmented with screen sharing can create better presentations, drive better content creation, and ensure that everyone who participated leaves the meeting with the same information and goals.

If you’ve ever been a participant in an incredibly boring conference call, you’ll welcome the addition of screen sharing to your presentations.

Is Screen Sharing Software Free?

This question depends largely on the provider. There are hundreds of screen sharing websites and applications out there, and many of them are linked to other services like conference calling and video conferencing.

Many sites will charge a fee for these services, but it’s usually reasonable, and considering the service you get, well worth trying out. Using screen sharing and video conferencing will greatly improve your meetings, interviews, and seminars.

Always be sure you know what exactly you need out of screen sharing software before choosing the provider. You can find screen sharing specific sites or those that include extra services in their packages.

Does Screen Sharing Mean Participants See My Entire Computer?

One of the most popular concerns with screen sharing software is that participants can see your entire desktop. The truth is, the only thing anyone you’re sharing with will see is what you show them. You don’t have to share anything you don’t want to.

A good practice to maintain privacy is to pull up your presentations before the call begins, so you only navigate through the material you’re presenting instead of through your entire desktop. Plan ahead, and you’ll maintain your PC’s privacy.


Screen sharing creates a collaborative and engaging environment you can utilize to improve your meeting and interviews. By improving participation, you can create better content by knowing what content your participants and enjoy and what does not hold their attention.

Video calling is normally a more engaging medium than simple audio calls, and you can augment your calls with visuals relevant to the information you’re presenting. Once you try it, you’ll probably never go back to traditional meetings and conference calls.

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