ICOs Unaffected by Ad Bans as Popularity Increases

ICO’s – Initial Coin Offerings are big business. The hottest method of raising funds in 2017, just keeps on getting hotter, despite the efforts of certain companies and countries. In 2017, over $5 billion was raised through 435 ICOs deemed successful. In total, 902 ICOs were launched last year with 48% regarded a success, having raised their target money.

Marketing ICOs in 2017 encompassed a broad range of marketing channels and a multi-faceted approach. However, with only three months gone in 2018, there are big changes in the way an ICO can be marketed.

Email marketing is considered a conventional method of marketing with a great ROI (return on investment). The largest email service provider – MailChimp announced a ban on ICO mailing just last month, and other email providers are expected to follow suit soon. Facebook announced a surprise ban in January this year over scam ICO fears. Facebook issued a statement saying:

“Ads must not promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices, such as binary options, initial coin offerings, or crypto-currency.”

Following the Facebook ban, Twitter and LinkedIn both announced a ban on all ICO advertising in March, but the biggest ban of all will come into effect, when tech giant Google implements a total ban on all ICO advertising as of June this year.

On top of the growing number of ad bans and platforms restricting ICO advertising, countries have been tightening up regulation regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Some countries like South Korea, considered one of the biggest and most interested markets for cryptocurrencies, have banned ICOs altogether, whilst other countries are imposing regulation which limits and restricts ICOs and digital currencies.

Despite all this, 2018 looks set to be a record year for ICOs. By the end of February, there were nearly 50 successful ICOs which cumulatively raised over $1.1 billion. The telegram ICO is expected to raise over $2 billion when launched later this year, having raised $1.7 billion pre-ICO. Companies are having to think outside of the box and explore new marketing channels. One such channel has been bounty programs. Based on rewards and incentives, bounty programs where free coins are given out such as here https://www.0on.info/p/free.html have proved very successful in garnering interest and investment pre-ICO.

Other areas that have proved popular for ICO marketing have been in social media. Despite bans on advertising, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Telegram, Reddit and Quora are extremely popular with the crypto community.

2018 presents a number of challenges and opportunities for ICOs. The bans seem to be having little effect and the ICO train just keeps on gathering momentum.

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Melissa Thompson

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