Marketing yourself as a software developer

Development is one of the fastest-growing industries across the world, and there’s significant demand for software developers to improve apps, online tools, and digital functions. Gone are the days where we used specific hardware for different tasks; today we do everything with our smartphones and laptops.

However, the rise in software development jobs also means the field is competitive. Companies like Uber and Microsoft want the best, and you need to market yourself well to stand out. Follow this guide to making sure your name gets picked above the rest.

Prove That You’re Committed to Learning

While you might feel that your education is done once you’ve completed your degree, you’ve actually just started. Post-college developers that want to get ahead continue their informal education by attending conferences, webinars, and lectures that talk about the latest trends. You may even want to take some additional classes online to better learn a language or learn more about an industry.

Even if you don’t use that language every day, companies want to know that you’re committed to learning and easily trained. In fact, the ability to teach yourself is one of the most in-demand skills for software developers, along with problem solving and working with others. This way a company can bring you on and get you caught up without losing too much time.

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Get Involved in Software Communities

Regardless of the industry, your connections will prove invaluable when you’re looking for work. People often share hiring opportunities with their Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections before the position is posted online, which means you can reach out to them personally and ask about putting in a good word for you. Close connections might even reach out to you with an opportunity if they think you would be a good fit.

The easiest way to make those connections is to get involved in professional organizations that cater to your niche. This might be a weekly meetup group at a local bar or an online forum where people debate issues relevant to software trends. Either way, jump into the conversation and let yourself be heard.

Create a Blog and Portfolio

Employees in almost any industry need strong online portfolios, but software development is field where an online portfolio is particularly useful. However, if you’re looking to make your works stand out from everyone else’s, take it to the next level and turn it into a blog.

Your blog doesn’t have to generate a lot of traffic, but you do want to build your audience with useful information. Create tutorials that explain how to solve problems, or talk about challenges that you faced and how you solved them. Not only will such posts highlight your problem-solving skills, but it also shows that you’re a strong communicator and can teach others.

They say it’s better to show than to tell, which is what you can do by taking these steps to market yourself as a software developer. By participating in communities, creating blog tutorials, and taking classes, you’re showing potential employers that you’re passionate about what you do and will bring that passion to their company.

This article was originally published on CareerBuilder on 10/31/16.

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