Mimitro launches mobile online coupon, marketing messaging solution

Swedish company Mimitro launched its mobile online coupon and marketing messaging solution today. Mimitro and partner service providers give customers a secure, cost effective tool for enabling creative mobile coupon and messaging campaigns. This online mobile marketing channel is easy to use. Coupons, tickets and messages can easily be updated in real-time.

Mimitro worked with ICA Maxi Kumla and McDonalds City Örebro to create and perfect the product.

“After successful campaigns with companies like ICA Maxi Kumla and McDonalds City Örebro, we are now ready to offer our solution to the market. Via our growing partner network customers can start using our powerful, secure and easy to use Mimitro service for the creation, messaging merge, distribution and campaign follow up of mobile online coupon and marketing messaging. With our service customers get a new attractive and cost effective mobile marketing channel, where the communication and the offers can be edited and updated in real-time depending on content, time and place.” – Saman Andishmand, CEO of Mimitro.

Using the Mimitro solution, customers can Create, Manage, Distribute and Analyse mobile coupons and other digital mobile marketing material through a user friendly web interface on PCs, tablets or smart phones.

Besides handling mobile coupons, Mimitro’s solution can work with tickets, loyalty cards, business cards and any other type of marketing communication messages. It works on all major mobile platforms. For more information, see www.mimitro.com

Mimitro wallet.
Mimitro wallet.
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