Online Video Search and Other Tools that Maintain Your Privacy

When someone goes on Google to look up a bizarre fact, such as which state has the most lawyers, they immediately get bombarded by legal ads on Facebook, future searches and individual websites. This is even more annoying when the last thing you searched for ended up being something you weren’t interested in purchasing or reading about. These are targeted ads and most of the main browsers and search tools – Bing, Google, YouTube, etc – use them. The good news is that there are alternatives that protect the searcher’s privacy and that don’t have targeted ads.

Information Security

The most important benefit of anonymous browsing is the security it offers to those who want their information kept secret. Anonymous browsers like Duck Duck Go use software that works something like a VPN. A searcher’s data is encrypted and can’t be accessed by anyone on the network. This is ideal for those who want to protect their bank account and other information. It also makes it harder for hackers to steal data.

No Government Surveillance

The National Security Administration tracks the internet activity of Americans and those from foreign countries. They don’t need permission to do so since it’s part of the nation’s anti-terror campaign. However, anonymous browsing lets you protect your privacy. Using regular browsers opens up search queries and results to all kinds of prying eyes, even the most apolitical person in the world is likely to be a person of interest at some point in their life.

Anonymous Video Searches

As users express more of a desire for anonymity the choices in the market may become more boutique style and specialized. For example, there are also anonymous search tools dedicated to videos, such as Petey Vid, which searches videos outside of YouTube. The difference is, Petey Vid doesn’t save records of IP addresses or search requests making it safer than other engines

Privacy from Internet Search Provider

ISPs also track user information and have been caught selling user information. With the repeal of net neutrality, this is an even bigger temptation for startups struggling in this competitive market. In order to prevent this, searchers can use anonymous search engines to find the information they need and keep their search criteria to themselves.

Whether users are attempting to escape targeted ads or protect their personal information, anonymous search and video search sites are likely to be a big part of that solution — and present the best options to keep prying eyes off users’ private data.

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