Simple Technique to fix iTunes Error 3194

Every iPhone owner at least once encounters unknown errors in iTunes which arise when repairing or updating the device’s firmware. If you encountered this error while trying to restore iPhone or upgrade iOS, you can fix the situation yourself completely free. First of all, I would like to note that entirely no one is insured against iTunes error 3194, and if it arises, this does not mean that your device is damaged or you are doing something wrong. Sometimes errors occur because of the security software running on your computer, sometimes associated with the settings of the router, or even problems with Apple servers. Let’s talk on the techniques to fix iTunes error One by One.

Method one – update iTunes

Error occurs when iTunes not detecting iPhone digital signature of the firmware. The process of updating or restoring involves two preliminary steps – downloading the firmware from Apple servers and verifying signatures. If the check fails for some reason (there is no connection with this or that server), iTunes will generate an error. In some cases, the problem arises due to the banal obsolescence of iTunes itself. Yes, the software can become obsolete. As a result, individual functions and modules cease to work in it; it becomes impossible to use the software. There are two ways out of this situation:

  • Find workable software analogs;
  • Update existing software.

We will select the last option and proceed to update iTunes. To download the latest distribution, you should visit the official Apple website. Go to the iTunes download page, clear the checkboxes for receiving newsletters and news, click on the “Download” button and wait for the procedure to complete. After that, run the installation file and update iTunes. After you finish updating iTunes, start the program and try to update/restore your iPhone / iPad. Most likely, this time the procedure will take place without the annoying error 3194 in iTunes. If the update/restore process fails again, try the following methods. But updating / reinstalling iTunes won’t hurt anyway.

Deal with antivirus and firewalls

Unknown error appears again and again, and the update of iTunes does not give specific results? Do not worry, try to deal with the problem in other ways. For example, try to disable anti-virus and security software. Modern antiviruses and firewalls are characterized by paranoid meticulousness, carefully filtering out not only the necessary but also unnecessary packages. If you suspect that the security software you are using prevents you from updating your gadgets, try disabling the antiviruses and firewalls used. You should also disable Windows Firewall, which loves to frighten, without asking, blocking specific requests that seem suspicious to him. Now you can try the update procedure again, watching iTunes’s reaction, It’s likely that this time the signature will be verified and you don’t have to wait for the 3194 error.

Deal with the host’s file

iTunes shows error when restoring? Updating the program itself and disabling antivirus/firewalls/ firewalls does not give any results? In this case, you need to edit the host’s file, located in C slightly: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \, etc. Here it is necessary to delete the line On a Mac, this file is located in the / etc. folder. To edit the file, use the most straightforward Notepad.

Repair Service Center

If error does not disappear during the update/restore, the problem may be related to a malfunction of the smartphone itself. This may indicate the fact that the error occurs at the very beginning of the procedure, and not practical at the very end. Repairing an iPhone is impossible on your own, so you will have to contact your nearest authorized service center, where experts will take care of your gadget – they will bring the device to a normal state and find out the exact cause of the ITunes error 1493 when updating.

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