The Major Uses of Air Compressors

Air compressors exist in different shapes, sizes, and purposes. We’ve all encountered or used air compressors either knowingly or unknowingly. If you’ve used a spray gun or have inflated your car tires at your local gasoline station, then you know some of the major uses of the machines. Air compressors are simple tools which convert atmospheric air into compressed gasses. They operate under two major principles – positive displacement of atmospheric air and the dynamic displacement of air. When the machine is switched on, the air is sucked in and compressed to a specified pressure level.

Air compressors can be modified into different shapes and sizes, depending on the specific use. The smaller air tools are powered by electrical energy. This makes them lighter and less noisy when used. Larger compressors are majorly used in industrial plants for a relatively higher production level. When buying an air compressor, it’s crucial to check the electric plug details to know the exact power source you’ll require. Again, it’s crucial to ensure that you use the machine at the specified level of pressure. Some air tools are recommended for indoor use. Using the same machine outdoors may cause significant damages.

Air compressors may also require frequent maintenance and repair. This ensures that the machine can last longer and perform faster. The oil-based air compressors need frequent oiling for lubrication. When operating an air compressor, always ensure that you put on safety glasses to protect your eyes. It’s also essential to ensure that the exhaust hose is directed away from the person operating the machine.

Here are some of the uses of air compressors.

  • Inflating car tires

As mentioned earlier, air compressors are used when filling up your car tires. Without it, probably, car transportation wouldn’t exist. Inflating car tires ensures you can drive safely.

  • Painting

We’ve all enjoyed the old-fashioned way of painting. Rolling a paintbrush on an entire room can prove quite tedious. A spray gun, however, gives you a more enjoyable experience because it enables you to work faster, and the overall finish will be quite neat. Spray guns ensure the pain flows evenly. Spray paints are applicable everywhere. They can be used by carpenters or farmers to paint the animal sheds.

  • Filling gas cylinders

This can be a lucrative business, considering the massive population that depend on gas cylinders for household cooking. Air compressors ensure that the gas filled up in the cylinders is free from impurities which may cause fire outbreaks.

  • Powering air pumps

Air compressors can be used to open up clogged air pumps and also enable the air pumps to work better and more efficiently.

Researching on an air tool before using it is essential. This will prevent unnecessary damages and injuries to the person operating the machine. Drain the air receiver frequently to avoid moisture retention. For the best quality air compressors, check out Before buying a machine, check out for authentic reviews. This will ensure you buy a machine that can match your expectations.

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