The Top 6 Best LED Headlight Bulbs For Cars

There are numerous benefits to having LED headlight bulbs. For starters, their performance is relatively better when compared to the traditional Xenon and Halogen headlight. For instance, since they hardly produce any heat, they do not negatively impact the headlight housing. This reduces the maintenance you have to do with regards to your headlights.

They also produce uniform bright light across the area. This is the exact opposite of Halogen and Xenon headlights which tend to produce bright lights at the center region and faded light at the sides. Finally, there is also the benefit of instantaneous bright light. LED headlight produce bright light right from the time they are switched on. With Halogen and Xenon headlights, they take some time before they become fully bright.

However, despite all these benefits, LED headlights are not the most popular headlights. There are many factors that explain this trend. However, the most noteworthy explanation is the fact that the relatively new type of headlights and, therefore, not every car owner knows everything about them to be confident to use them. That coupled with the inertia to change has meant LED headlights are not the most popular headlights, despite them being the best performing headlights on the market.

Another reason they are not flourishing as they should is car owners is generally not sure if which is the best headlights to opt for. While there are numerous LED headlight products on the market, discerning the very best from flimsy ones is not as straightforward as it is with Halogen and Xenon headlights. With this in mind, herein we will explore 6 of the best LED headlights on the market currently. In doing this, we will narrow down your search and make it easier for you to make the change from the traditional Halogen and Xenon headlights.

#1. The AKARUI LED Headlights – The AKARUI LED Headlights are powered by Cree XHP70 chips. Both bulbs have a combined output of 10,400 Lumens and have a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin. This product comes with a conversion kit making it easy for you change from traditional headlight system. Importantly, the kit is easy to install. If you have good DIY skills, you can easily install the headlight. However, if you do not trust your skills, it is best to hire an experienced technician.

In term of performance, the AKARUI LED Headlights is a top performer. It comes with Arc Glass Lens technology that negates the emergence of black spots and patches. However, you should note that to take full advantage of this technology you need the projector style unit in your car. The CREE XHP70 chips that power the bulbs further enhance the performance of the headlight relative to the competition. For instance, it gives the bulbs instance turn-on with no warm-up time whatsoever. It also has among the longest lifespans, estimated at 50,000 hours, thereby giving its users more bang for their buck. Finally, these headlights are waterproof and rain-resistant.

#2. The Kensun LED Headlights With Cree Bulbs (6,000 K)

This is another top pick for car owners in need of a complete conversion kit. The Kensun LED Headlights comes as an all-in-one conversion kit that allows users to convert their headlight systems from the traditional headlights to the newer LED technology headlights. The kit is shipped in an aluminum briefcase which provides study storage space that ensures the headlight remain safe.

When it comes to performance, the Kensun LED Headlights runs on 30watts and produces ultra-bright white light at 6,000 Kelvin when it comes to color temperature. This performance allows the bulbs to produce clear-cut beams of light. However, for improved versatility, the bulbs are covered with shades of blue and yellow tint films. These shades allow the light produced to be usable even in severe conditions such as during fogs.

The headlights come with an inbuilt cooling fan and heat sink for the circuitry. The bulbs do not produce any heat. Therefore, the headlights do not suffer from internal heat induced wear and tear. This allows the headlight to have a lifespan of about 30,000 hours.

#3. The HIKARI LED KIT With CREE XHP50 Chips

The HIKARI LED conversion kit is another high-quality LED headlight system to consider. Producing 9600 lumens, it is one of the brightest LED headlight systems on the market. The stellar brightness allows it to be used in any kind of condition and in any kind of situation. The bulbs are powered by the formidable CREE XHP50 chips, which gives the headlight exceptional brightness delivery when compared to other products in the market.

What makes this white light bar stand out from the competition is the ease of installation, the superior chips, the exceptional build quality, and the great price point it has.

#4. The Editors 3-Sided Super Bright LED Headlights

The Editors 3-Sided LED headlights are another top-quality LED headlight that you should consider. It has great performance, but it is relatively cheaper than the competition. For instance, it produced 6,000 Kelvin pure white bright light; it comes with inbuilt heat sinks and fans for components and has an estimated life of 30,000 hours. However, what set this set of LED headlight apart from the competition is the creative design of having LED lights on all four corners of bulbs, giving it the ability to produce light 360 degrees. This produces brighter light and wider angled lights.

#5. The SNGL LED Super Bright Headlight Kit

The SNGL LED Super Bright headlights produce 6,000 Kelvin pure white light, matching all the top performers in the LED headlight category. It is 1005 water and weatherproof, making it the perfect LED lights for cars that might be submerged in water. It is rated at 50,000 hours as it comes with inbuilt fans and heat sinks that extend the life of the headlights. Importantly, it is easy to install and comes with a wide variety of fits making it easy for any car user to use them.

#6. Simdevanma LED Headlight Conversion Kit

This set of LED headlight produces over 8,000 lumens and it is rated at 6,000 Kelvin meaning it matches all other top performers in the LED headlight category. However, compared to other LED headlights on the market, it has a compact design as the drivers are integrated into the bulb. It is powered by the LED COB chips that enhance the light produced and the overall performance of the bulbs. It has a robust aluminum body for exceptional durability.

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