Unhappy With Your Bank? Create Your Own Virtual Bank

There once was a time when just about all of us were enslaved to our banks. If we wanted to get a loan or credit, it would mean getting dressed up in your suit or ‘smart clothes’ and literally begging the bank manager for money. It took the advancement of the internet and then then the 2008 financial crash for the banking world to see that it needed to change. The financial institutions of yesteryear were no longer relevant to today’s banking needs and it wasn’t even the bankers choice. Credit lines were stopped and vast swathes of the public had to look to alternative means for their banking.

Blockchain Changes

Then, along came blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is changing the way banking is performed forever. More than ever before, the need for traditional banking has fallen to record lows. The future? well, the future is here today. It possible that anyone can create their own virtual bank. That’s right, you can create your own virtual bank and not be enslaved to the traditional high street banking rules and processes.

Using advanced banking script, securepaymentz make it possible to create your own bank. All the everyday transactions at your favourite places are taken of and there are multitude of truncations that will provide a tangible benefit for you and your business. Even small businesses can face the problem of having thousands of transactions each and every day to process. Imagine like most banks, making $25 for each wire transactions? at a very basic level, this can earn your business $500, 000 monthly, which would total approximately $6 million every year. Not a bad return eh?

As well as the huge financial benefit of having your own ebanking software, the flexibility and customization available can make your banking an integral part of the business and not just an expensive inconvenience. On top of the financial benefit and the flexibility, there is also the security included that makes provides a peace of mind not found elsewhere. The e-wallet included and app for mobile and desktop provide the convenience and simplicity beloved by your clients, making your brand a brand they can trust and can rely on

Banking has changed. Technology has advanced at such a rate that banking no longer has to be an expensive chore. It has made it so you can create your own virtual bank with the greatest of ease, the maximum of benefits and the highest security. Making it a win-win situation for all.

bank. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
Bank buildings. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
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