Why Do We Use Xilinx FPGAs?

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Most people have heard of field programmable gate arrays. Some have even use them before. They can be purchased easily on the web. One of the more popular companies is the originator of this device. It is a company called Xilinx. This business has been around for decades. They sell everything from FPGA development boards to some of the most comprehensive chips in the world. Prices can range from just a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It just depends on what you would like to use. There is a reason that many people turn to Xilinx. Here is an overview of this company, the field programmable gate arrays that they sell, and why you can always feel confident about working with this business.

Origins Of Xilinx

If you have never heard of this company before, it is likely you do not use the internal components of computers. This technology company, one that is based in San Jose in California, was founded in 1984. The people that founded the company worked for an integrated circuit business. It is from their experience in working with integrated circuits they were able to create FPGAs. They were able to do this, and subsequently create an entirely new industry, one that would begin to change the way that we use electronic devices today.

What Do FPGAs Do?

Field programmable gate arrays are nothing more than integrated circuits. They are designed to be configurable. That is why they are called programmable, and based upon their configurations, and the software you are using, you can program them to do many different things. They use a specific language called HDL. If you have ever used ASIC before, you know that they are somewhat similar. The main differences that logic blocks are what you are configuring within the FPGA. All of the blocks work together to create a multitude of different configurations. There are flip-flops, memory elements, and blocks of memory in each one. They are designed to be very small, and as technology has progressed, they are also becoming much more powerful.

Why Should You Get FPGAs From Xilinx?

From a very simplistic perspective, you ought to order from them simply because they are the creators of this technology. This means that they will have more experience than all of the other companies that are selling similar products. The main drawback is that these can be much more expensive than comparable units sold by other companies like Altera which was recently obtained or acquired by Intel. What you need to know about this company is that they are always using cutting-edge hardware and software to produce every product that they place on the market. The FPGAs that you purchase from this business are guaranteed to not only function but improve upon the functionality of your entire system. This is why they are used by so many different industries in the world.

What Industries Utilize FPGAs?

It would probably be easier to list the types of businesses that do not use FPGAs. However, there are some that should be mentioned. For example, field programmable gate arrays are used by aerospace companies, medical companies, and those that are producing computers. Broadcasting businesses, and also those that produce consumer electronics, are going to use these in every product that they produce. The next time that you turn on your digital camera, or if you get a CT scan at your local medical clinic, you will know that FPGAs are making it possible for this technology to work. Other industries will include those that produce security systems, image processing systems, and they are extremely popular right now in the automotive industry. Autonomous vehicles will soon be the primary type of vehicle that is sold, and their ability to function is possible because of field programmable gate arrays.

Does Xilinx Ever Offer Special Deals?

It should be stated that, despite the higher prices that they charge, they do have sales from time to time. Most of these are going to originate from the vendors that are offering these products. Vendors are able to purchase FPGA Xilinx in bulk, and also at lower price points. They can pass the savings on, helping consumers and businesses save as much money as possible. The only time that you should avoid a cheaper FPGA is if it is a knockoff, or if it has been used. Otherwise, take advantage of any special deals that are offered by this company so that you can potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars. There is only one other thing to consider and that is whether or not Xilinx has any competition. If they do, you need to know that purchasing from this business will be the best choice to make.

What About The Competition?

The only true competition that this business has is because of Intel. When they acquired Altera, they jump right into this very profitable industry. They understood that field programmable gate arrays were always going to be used. As technological advancements are made, they will likely use field programmable gate arrays in order to make their products work. At the very least, the computer that you use every day likely has one of the latest field programmable gate arrays from one of these companies. That is why it is so important to look for businesses that are offering these deals on Xilinx FPGAs. Even though Altera does create field programmable gate arrays that will work, you are probably better off obtaining them from this leader in this industry that is making top-notch products.

Xilinx will likely continue to produce superior FPGAs. This is why obtaining one from this company is so important. You will always know that your money will be well spent on field programmable gate arrays from this industry leader. If possible, try to place a larger order. If you need a large number of field programmable gate arrays, they might be able to provide you with a discount. Once you have these, and you have installed them into your electronic devices, will be glad that you went with this company.

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