What Are The Basic Principles Of Sustainable Architecture?

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More and more homeowners are interested in green living. It is not hard to understand why since the greenhouse effect is increasing in power and the polar icecaps are melting. People want to protect the environment and move towards many different strategies that help do just that. The exact same thing goes for architecture.

According to Oz Architecture Inc, there is a clear increase in people that pick up sustainable architecture. This practically involves designing buildings with the minimum possible environment impact. Some of the really basic principles used in sustainable architecture are presented below.

Preserving Natural Surroundings

Usually, this means two things:

  • Building small – The idea is that you do not need a huge mansion if you want to live in a comfortable way. Building structures only as big as needed is promoted.
  • Building into natural landscape – This is done as opposed to over natural landscape.

Bushes and trees are utilized around the structure instead of removing them. Maintaining all the surrounding landscape is rarely possible but architects try to maintain as much as they can.

Renewable Sources

Sustainable architecture focuses on using renewable energy sources coming from wind, earth and sun. The sun is harnessed in order to light and heat homes through solar panels. The use of wind power is all about using windmills in order to supply electricity. This is actually reaching whole-city scales. Architects use the earth in order to heat homes through geothermal heating elements that are placed right under constructed structures.

As an extra mention, when using lumber, wood can be reclaimed or can come from a forest that is certified. Also, bamboo is increasing in popularity when looking at wood flooring since it is attractive and a highly renewable wood source.


When a home cannot be used with the use of full sustainable architecture principles, the idea is to at least focus on recycling. Left-over building supplies can come from other projects as opposed to taking these to landfills. Rainwater can be captured and then used for irrigating outdoor areas. Even recycling paper, aluminum and plastic are considered these days.

Energy Efficient Appliance Use

Modern architecture also includes requirements for interior design so it should not be a surprise to notice that energy efficient appliances are seen as a priority. These are using less energy, heat and/or water as they run washing machines, dishwashers and other possible appliances. In some parts of the world there are even tax benefits that apply when older items are replaced with some models that are energy-efficient.

Local Purchases

When building sustainable architecture based homes or remodeling, many decide to buy local supplies. This is important as it puts money right back into the local community. The entire area benefits from local purchases. Health communities are a very big part of a completely healthy environment.

Final Thoughts

It is always a really good idea to focus on sustainable architecture when building or remodeling homes. This is important for the environment and the health of all people. Sustainable design can make a true difference in the future and trends are definitely moving towards constant use of such principles.

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