What Sort of Jobs do Digital Private Investigators Undertake

We all know the sort of jobs that are undertaken by traditional private investigators. Whether that entails following someone to see what they get up to, or taking photographs of another person being unfaithful to their partner – private investigators are hired to do the dirty work. However, with the digital age taking over, there are now digital private investigators who conduct similar work but by using technology like the internet instead. Many people hire such professionals for various digital-based work. Let’s have a look at some of the jobs the top digital private investigators around the world are used for.

Social Media Investigation

This is one of the most common jobs of a digital private investigator, especially now that social media platforms are taking over the planet. The specifics of their job can vary a lot, but you’ll often find that they look for activity from a particular person and then print it for their own records, to be used in court and such. Some digital private investigators may go as far as creating a fake account just to try to catch a cheater or pedophile off guard.

Photo Research

A digital private investigator may even be hired to conduct research of photos that have been used on the World Wide Web. They’ll often have tools at their disposal to conduct accurate research, and may even have access to reverse look up tools to see when photos were posted and deleted to give them more evidence for a specific case.

Website Review Cases

Another job that a digital private investigator may come across is when it comes to website review cases. During this task, they’ll set out to see whether a person has been active on a particular site and what sort of activity they’ve conducted. It’s common for investigators to catch criminals this way who are viewing content they shouldn’t be. You’ll also find that a digital private investigator does much more during this process, however, and will often record lots of data for evidence should they require it.

Computer Activity

As you would imagine, digital private investigators are very technical and need to be to become successful. They will have to work with computers on a daily basis when it comes to almost any job they undertake in the industry. Whether it’s by using photography software to process their images they’ve taken throughout the day, or to use other software to help them sieve their way through tons of data – they’ll always be active on a computer/similar device to make their jobs more efficient. Of course, there always comes a time when they’ll need to actively monitor a computer of a suspect to see what they’ve been doing.

The above are just some of the many jobs that digital private investigators undertake on a daily basis. You’ll find that as the digital age advances even more, so will their need to develop their skillsets to be able to investigate further using more specialized software and devices.

digital private investigators. Image by Boskampi from Pixabay
digital private investigators. Image by Boskampi from Pixabay
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