ZVISION EZ6 Reveals Future of Latest SPAD LiDAR Technology


ZVISION, a provider of automotive-grade LiDAR solutions in China, revealed their latest innovation – the ZVISION EZ6, at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), on January 2.

The ZVISION says their new EZ6 is a long-range, cost-effective LiDAR solution designed for mass production within Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The ZVISION EZ6 sets a new industry standard with its novel architectural design and SPAD LiDAR technology advancements. The company says this model offers high-performance products at a competitive price.

CES 2024 was an excellent platform to showcase the latest ZVISION advancements, the company said. In addition, the company expanded their global reach, thanks to the wide range of people attending.

At CES, the ZVISION exhibit drew significant attention from existing clients. Many potential buyers in the autonomous driving and OEM segment saw the ZVISION EZ6 and noted its cost-effectiveness, superior sensing abilities, and adaptable engineering design.

These attributes help to realize the potential for expanded applications and advancements in LiDAR technology. [ Latest Press Release ]

ZVISION EZ6, Pioneering the Future of SPAD LiDAR Technology.
ZVISION EZ6, Pioneering the Future of SPAD LiDAR Technology.

EZ6 Key Takeaways

Long-range, cost-effective LiDAR solution.

Released at CES 2024

Novel architectural design

SPAD LiDAR technology

High performance at a competitive price.

ZVISION’s aim for attending CES was to leverage the extensive global reach at CES, to enhance worldwide distribution of their products.

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